Mr Perfect Episode 2


on the floor in a dark room, all his eyes could see was darkness, he sat up folded himself, his hands wrapped around his legs as his chest rested on his kneels.
His heart beat was as loud as anyone can imagine, it didnt take quite long before he began to catch cold, his cloths were wet. All he could do was wimper in fear as tears ran down his cheek. He really loved his mum but his young heart just cant comprehend her strange behaviours. This minute she’s normal, loving, sweet and all smiles and the next she’s not. 
He was becoming scared of her, she grows worst by the day but there was absolutely nothing he could do to make light the situation, right now all he should be doing is pray she comes to her senses before he freezes to death.
Lucas: dad!! He wispered amidst sobs, why did you ever leave us to be on our own, am really scared dad. He kept on muttering those words until he lips felt numb.
mirabel: oooh my cute little baby luke she said hugging the dull, you must have been cold!! She said softly. Yea its actually cold outside you know, but momma’s got you ok?? She smilled as she wrapped the dull in a sac-cloth and placed it beside the electric furnace. Sleep well luke she said pecking it before going up to her room to sleep as well.
The night was really a cold one, Luke’s frail body quaked all night as he slept on the cold floor. At dawn she woke up stretching, got on her footwear and headed to the sitting room to check on luke.
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Mirabel: looking at the doll she placed closed to the furnace a bit amused. Luke!! She called out as she walked towards his room, she was confused, she watched him sleep beautifully in the living room last night. She opened the door to his room and met an empty bed.
Mirabel: omg!! Where is my baby, she ran quickly into the basement and found him on the cold floor, his red lips all dried and icey. His skined glittered from the ice cold effect, his body folded together, eyes swollen from a long night of tears. Omg!! Luke she said rushing towards him as she quickly held him in her arms.
Luke: he eyes felt so heavy, after a long effort he could see blurry images of his petrified mum. Am,..s..orry mum were the words he forced himself to say.
Mirabel: looking so perplexed why are you in the basement all alone she said with teary eyes and concern written all over her face. As she quickly rushed out with him in her arms for a quick first aid, before taking him to the hospital because he was still lossing conciousnes
To be continued