Mr Perfect Episode 36 Final Season 1


We walked into the cafeteria smiling, ordered for lemonade, which we used for toast.
Ricky: the fun is just getting started man, tomorrow at the pool side its gonna be party.
Me: hahaha you are so crazy you know right??
Ricky: crazy ricky rocks better than a moody lucas #tongue out#
Me: seriously?? You think am boring?? Smiles#
Ricky: very boring, perhaps no one has ever told you how you looked like. Let me show you hahaha
Me: dont i dont wanna see it lol
Ricky: you’ve got no choice man
Me: smiling as i looked at him
Ricky: when talking to a lady, you are with this hot sauce and spinach kinda look, like am not in the mood to talk to ya. He said making funny faces in a deep voice.
Me: hahahha thats not how i talk
Ricky: some fact cant help but be true.
Me: you wanna have fun?? I’ll show you fun.
Ricky: hows that possible king of boredom haahaha
Me: you know pretty well you’re no match for me in basketball.
Ricky: seriously hahah you still think you can beat me
Me: you know that for sure
Ricky: how about ladies spectator, i really want to see your weird face when you finally losseto me, mr supermodel lost to mr hot and funny hahahah.
Me: smiles# your on!!! Just then i saw dera walked in.
Ricky: smiles# you still owe her an apology you know.
Me: ya i still remember, i’d be right back i said tapping his shoulders. As i stood, walked towards her,
Me: hello i said with a smile
Dera: a bit shocked# excuse me!! Uhmm were you talking to me, she said looking around.
Me: can i sit??
Dera: hmmm suddenly found manners i guess she thought. Make yourself comfortable.
Me: am really sorry about my reaction at the hospital
Dera: raised eye brows, touched my forehead with the back of her palm. Sure you ok?? She asked with a confused look.
Me: am cool, i know have been pretty irrational lately but its all fine now, how about an apple for apology accepted.
Dera: wont mind
Me: i quickly got a red apple for her.
Dera: before taking that, I have been curious about something.
Me: you can ask me anything.
Dera: i met you the first time you seemed a bit cool and then the 2nd it almost seemed like we were sworn enemies, just dont get it and now??
Me: smile# its kinda a long story, i really dont think you’d understand.
Dera: try me, have got all day.
Me: the woman you saw on my laptop, thats my mum, i saw her yesterday for the first time since i was 10 i said with a smile.
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Dera: woow she said smiling a bit uneasy, she wished her mum was somewhere were she’d have to find her. Just then damian walked in.
Damian: lucas!! How you doing??
Me: so cool like am gonna pop my collars, i said smiling.
Damian: what did ricky do to you?? He asked shocked.
Ricky: there’d be pool party tomorrow dont miss out lets go man.
Charles drove down to mj, entered the elevator, walked to milano’s office. Knock twice and walked in.
Milano: wooow charles
Charles; i can see you are a happy man milano.
Milan: a bit confused, of cos i am
Charles: well you are my friend, i just cant stay away while things crumble in front of you.
Milan: what are you talking about charles??
Charles: lucas met his mum yesterday in my hospital.
Milan: hahahahah she has seen him before but didnt recognise him. I’d just talk to lucas to give it a rest.
Charles: shakes his head there’s more to it milan.
Milan: what else charles he asked curiously.
Charles: she recognized him
Milan: whaaaaat!!!! Hows thats possible.
Charles: thats why am here, i think shes gonna be around him more often, the problem right now is he seem to be the main and effective trigger to getting her memories back.
Milan: shocked# how is this possible charles??
Charles: for now she remember just lucas and nothing else, but am afraid her association with him might trigger other memories and you know what that means milan. It aint a wise decison to make mirabel an enemy.
Milano: d–n it!!!!!
sorry for the delay, the story has to be truncated for now, for some reasons posting is a bit inconvenient, but uhmm am gonna make it up to guys. 
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Story by Desire


  1. The story is quite interesting.. I still want to know why Mira was crying, and how things went between Dera and Mr perfect.. Monday is way too far