Mr Perfect Episode 35


​We walked into the house well funished in white and pink, it was really a cool blend, i sat in the kitchen watch mum with a smiling face as she prepared lunch. After some minutes it was ready and served in the dinning, i could still remember the way it smelled years back, and its still the same. My love for steaks was back again i ate it happily.
Mum: easy there supermodel she said with a smile.
Me: you know too?? I asked smiling.
Mum: am a fan, have always seen you on the front page of styles magazine, she said smiling abit.
Me: i really dont think i would be doing that anymore.
Mum: why?? She asked with an alarmed look.
Me: its of no use to me anymore, now that i have you by my side.
Mum: shocked# you mean you were a supermodel because you are in search of me??
Me: smiles# not exactly, i wanted you to see me, i hope you’d come back.
Mum: touching my hair, smiling abit you really dont have to quite it, you fit in so well. And school??
Me: am in college
Mum: lemme guess your supposed to be in school right??
Me: just nodds, i really dont want to go anymore #babyface#
Mum: ok atleast not today, 1st thing tomorrow i’ll drop you off.
Me: i left my car at the hospital.
Mum: you have a car??? She asked abit suprised.
Me: dad bought it
Mum: dad?? She asked abit confused.
Me: ooh ok you dont remember, he is milano martinez he’s a nice person you know.
Mum: mi…lano??? Hows that possible she wondered. Just eat up ok, am still gonna drop you and i’ll get some one to bring your car back later.
Me: ok mum i said with a smile
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Ricky have search everywhere in the school but there was still no sign of him. He seemed to be the only worried person, sophia and damian were saying the same thing perhaps he is out to have a time alone. I really didnt think so, he sat down just like everyone else outside when a limo drove in, everyone looked in amazement as it halted. Luke came down with a dark sunshade on and a cute lady who looked abit older than him, came down as well. Everyone’s mouth flew wide open as they hugged each other passionately and she gave him a peck.
Me: byeee mum i said with a smile just when i turned to leave.
Sophia: luke where have you been??
Me: tell me you were worried??
Sophia: of course i was
Me: you are definitely not a good liar, excuse me, i walked pass her and turned to mum who was obviously watching the scene, while i waved good bye. She gave me the that was harsh kinda look. I just smiled and walked towards my dorm.
Ricky: hitting my arm hard.
Me: aaaaawwww that hurts
Ricky: thats for making me worry about you. Who’s that hot lady luke, is she hitting on you too??
Me: hell no thats my mum block head.
Ricky: tell me you are kidding me he said grinning.
Me: i kid you not man i said smiling.
Ricky: come on this way you are so buying me lunch.
Me: hahahah yes boss we walked to the cafe, i think i saw someone who looks like mira crying. Whats wrong with her i asked ricky.
Ricky: i dont know who cares this is celebration time say no to bad news man.
Me: haahahha come lets get going
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