Mr Perfect Episode 34


​Mirabel walked into his office as she sat down gently.
Charles: welcome he said again, i can see you got your memory back so i’d have to run a check on you.
Mirabel: looking at him angrily you knew all this while that i have a son?? And yet you kept me in the dark, even right in his presence you were still trying to keep it. Tell me charles what is it you ar trying to keep away from me, i saw the expression on his face.
Charles: exhaled, thats not what it looks like i spent years trying to fix you i didnt want to jump stages, it could only make you worry i have nothing to hid mirabel.
Mirabel: well she believed him, exhales, so??
Charles: its a good thing you are getting back your memory, i’d have to check you again.
Mirabel: ok
Charles: who is lucas??
Mirabel: my son
Charles: nodds gently when is his next birthday?
Mirabel: she thought for a while thats should be july 18
Charles: impressive, her memory is really coming back. What is his favourite dish
Mirabel: she smiled philly steaks
Charles: is time to know if she has all her memories back.
Mirabel: anything else
Charles: who’s luke’s father
Mirabel: paused abit, as she search her entire brain for an answer. She felt strange, it feels like he’s dead, i just dont get it, i really dont know.
Charles: its alright mirabel, theres no point pushing hard, its gonna come in due time. He said with a smile.
Mirabel: thanks charles you’ve really been helpful anything else??
Charles: that will be all for now, i just want you to know i kept lucas a secret because of your health mirabel. I was gonna tell you soon
Mirabel; you are nice person charles.
Charles: he’d be discharged by noon, he is fine, it just the emotion he showed were more than his body’s carrying capacity.
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Mirabel: alright then am gonna go be with my son.
I was already seating watching as time flew by, shes taking so long and i dont like it. Just then the flew open.
Mirabel: why are looking so worried?? She said with a smile.
Me: i missed you already #baby face#
Mirabel: come here she said hugging me, it felt so good
Me: dont ever leave like that again mum, i really dont like the part where i have to search for you.
Mum: leave?? She asked in her head perhaps theres alot to talk about. Dont worry lucas am gonna prepare you your favourite she said touching my check slitly.
Me: smile# philly steaks, they werent my favourite anymore, i wont miss having lunch with mum i thought. That will be lovely.
Hours later charles walked in
Charles: smile as he saw him resting on the shoulders of his mother and she carressed his hair. Coughs# its time to go.
Mirabel: smile# ok charles
Charles: smile as he left.
She quickly called her driver, in less than 5mins he was in the hospital. We left in her limo, the ride was the best I  ever had. We got to her house, it was really beautiful, a large pool side covered with tempered glass.
Me: woooow mum you leave here.
Mirabel: i come here to relax, am not usually around
To be continued