Mr Perfect Episode 33


​Mirabel: lucas, lucas!! She called again, she seemed to remember. Stop the car!!! She yelled as the driver halted immediately, she came down runing back towards him as they all followed her.
Mirabel: lucas!!! She said shaking him vigoriously. She quickly instructed the men to take him back to the hospital. She moved her hair backwards, she only remembered she had a baby called lucas whom she loved so much. She was back to reality, she quickly followed them, as he was attended to immediately after a while she was allowed to come in, though he was still unconscious.
Mirabel: her eyes were teary as she sat close to him, you must have felt really bad, am really sorry it took me this long to remember you luke, am sorry i called you a nut-job. Seeing him like this and knowing it was all because her, made her cry even more.
today was another day everyone was in class as usual learning, after class everyone was out doing one thing or the other.
Sophia: shes been looking for lucas since yestiday. Just then her eyes found ricky. Hey ricky.
Ricky: hello soph have you seen lucas??
Sophia: i was about asking you same question
Ricky: have been searching everywhere for him and theres no trace of him, have left a number of voice mail, when last did you see him?
Sophia: he was at my dorm yestiday asking for my dad’s private line.
Ricky: tell me you gave him soph
Sophia: i didnt and he left angrily
Ricky: why didnt you give it to him, where do we look for him now. He quickly dialed damian’s number.
Damian: ricky whatsup??
Ricky: lucas is nowhere to be found.
Damian: am sure he is out on those his crazy trip, he is fine give it a rest man.
Ricky: exhaled hope you are right he said as he hunged up.
Sophia: perhaps he is giving himself abreak.
Ricky: sophia he is gonna be mad at you when he comes back you know that.
Sophia: why?? Its my dad we are talking about here i have the right to say yes or no.
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Ricky: i know lucas, his never interested in anything unless that includes his mum.
Sophia: his mum?? Is that what all this is about.
Ricky: am just saying dont get suprised if he hates you so suddenly, he said and left.
Sophia: scoffed like i care.
It was almost dusk and mirabel has been in the hospital since yestiday.
Me: opening my eyes slowly
Mirabel: rubbing my head slowly, are you alright luke.
Me: i was shocked this was the miracle i prayed for just wanted to close my eyes and wake up in a world were everything is fine, it seemed like a dream. Can you remember me mum?? I asked.
Mirabel: nodded bitterly, am really sorry luke, i…..she wasnt done with the word when i hugged her
Me: i felt so glad holding her again, thank you mum, for remembering i said sobbing a little. If you have left i really didnt think i’d be fine mum.
Mirabel: am sorry luke but am here now everything is gonna be alright, you’ll never be on your own again.
Charles: can i see you in my office for a minute.
Me: i really didnt want to let go of her, i really didnt want her disappearing again, am not sure how much of it i can take.
Mirabel: its alright baby, momma’s gonna come back she assured as she left to his office
To be continued