Mr Perfect Episode 32


​Me: mum??? I said in shocked staring at her in disbelief i wasnt sure if i should hug her or peck or smile at her, just then she asked me a million dollar question.
Mirabel: excuse me!! She said a bit suprised, did you just say mum??
Me: my joy was out like an air in a punctured tyre, i was shocked by her response, i tried to speak but i had nothing in mind to say, my lips just moved.
Charles: uhmm plsss mirabel have a seat.
Mirabel: who is he charles, and why is he calling me mum??
Me: she doesnt recognize me anymore, i wondered, i decided to try again. Its me mum, its me your baby, its lucas!! I said almost sobbing.
Charles: dont force it lucas, i told you earlier, somethings aint thesame luke.
Mirabel: he sure did look pitful, but she totally had no idea what he was saying, but why does her heart feels like she does.
Charles: this isnt what i was expecting mirabels memory has been improving greatly, just a little more pressure she was gonna recall. Mirabel am sorry about that ok, its just something i cant explain to you right now.
Mirabel: i do understand charles would you help me tell this kid over here am not his mum.
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Me: it almost seemed like i was dreaming my heart was burning again, those hurtful feelings were begining to return.
Charles: shaking his head, he really was confused. Although he hasnt been in much contact with milano, right now it means more trouble. Mirabel is rich and powerful, its not gonna be sweeped under the rug just like that.
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Mirabel: a bit pissed, you know what charles i’ll have to stop by some other time i think you are busy with this patient.
Charles: mirabel!!
Mirabel: almost walking to the door when she heard her name, she turned. Do i look like i have got time to spare?? You should know that charles. She said as she walked out.
Me: i dont care what wasnt right thats my mum, i wasnt gonna let her go. Mum!!! I said following her immediately.
Mirabel: what is wrong with you!!!! I am not your mother!!!!
Me: i dont care what you say, for years have longed to see you am not letting you go!!!! I said in tears
Mirabel: you really are a nut-job, you are in a hospital for crying out loud, you can be treated, dont worry about the bills.
Me: what could have ever happened, for you not to recognize your own son!!! I said yelling, I was so broken, even my looks said so.
Mirabel: she was begining to get scared, he might be a buglar, perhaps he just wants to be close enough to plant his bugs on her. She quickly walked out of the hospital to where her personal guards stood, i followed her immediately
Mirabel: dont let him anywhere close to me she instructed yelling.
Me: i heard her yelling, but i wasnt listening to what she was saying, i followed her. When 2men dressed in black suit grabbed me.
Me: let go off me i yelled as i struggled violently, she ran quickly to her limo. Mum!!!! I yelled louder as i yanked my hands forcefully freeing my self from there grip. Giving the other a hard punch, the other quickly gave me a had hit with his kneel to my stomach as i gasped for air they ran to the limo. I really didnt feel the pain because it was nothing compared to what i was feeling right now. I quickly ran after them screaming.
Mirabel: seeing him cry like a baby made her heart melt she just didnt know why, she kept looking at him from the mirror.
I wasnt fast enough, the car was already in motion.
Me: noooooooo!!!!!! I screamed and past out, falling hard to the ground.
Mirabel: her eyes shown wild open seeing him fall so badly, lu….cas?