Mr Perfect Episode 31


​Me: hello soph
Sophia: looking abit suprised, now what??
Me: can we talk at the cafeteria plssss am really not comfortable in here.
Sophia: if this is about you apologizing, i really dont think am the one you should apologize to.
Me: uhmm thats not what it is could you atleast listen to me.
Sophia: am all hears, say what you want to say right here luke.
Me: i saw her face and she meant it, how am i suppose to ask her now, i really didnt want any long explanation. I exhaled, can have your dad private line plsss…..i asked pleadingly.
Sophia: huuh a bit shocked, is there something i should know.
Me: i promise i’d explain later plssss, just trust me.
Sophia: scoffs# you really think i’d fall for that, i got all the time in the world to listen to your explanation.
Me: this wasnt leading anywhere and i was getting impatient. I havent gotten all the time in the world soph.
Sophia; no deal!!
Me: i looked at her a bit disapointed, i really cant explain anything to her right now. Thanks soph you’ve been so helpful. I said as i left.
Sophia: she wanted to stop him but no words came out of her mouth.
I walked to the cafe, had something to eat, yes i exclaimed i could still remember the hospital. I ate my food in a hurry.
Mira: hello luke she said shyly
Me: looking up to see who, ooh mira.
Mira; smiled a bit how you doing.
Me: am fine how about we talk later am really in a hurry.
Mira: hmm she was abit suprised a regular luke would have said what now!! She thought. Ok see you around.
I was done with my food i rushed to my car, i wasnt familiar with the road leading to the hospital, i made afew enquiries and wheeew i was at the hospital. I walked into the reception to the nurse pening down something.
Me: hello plssss am here to see doctor charles.
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Nurse: you have an appointment?
Me: not exactly he is my dad’s friend just tell him milan’s son is here to see him.
Nurse: ok just a minute she said as she went to get him informed, in less than a minute. You can go in.
Me: thank you. I said walking towards his office. Goodday dr charles.
Charles; lucas! He asked in shock, why are you here?
Me: uhmmm can i seat??
Charles: yes sure.
Me: sitting down smiling a bit
Charles: so why are you here luke.
Me: because you told me sometime ago, i could come to you for help when i needed one.
Charles: i do remember vividly.
Me; i need your help now, not as my father’s friend, but as the first stranger i ever trusted.
Charles: smiled a bit what is it you want?
Me: i want every details about my mum, her private line, office line, address or mail just anything
Charles: patient files are confidential luke.
Me: its my mum we are talking about here, am no third party plsssss.
Charles; exhaled this is gonna be harder than he imagine.
Me: come on i yelled in my head.
Charles; your mum was a mental patient luke, she was being monitored 24/7.
Me: and???
Charles; he wasnt sure what exactly to tell him, for 6years she finally recovered but somethings aint the same luke.
Me; what are you talking about?? I asked abit confused.
Charles: looking at me sadly not sure if what he was doing was the right thing. Just then mirabel walked in for her regular check up.
Mirabel: hello mr charles.
Me: turned to see who, mum!!! My head yelled but my lips completely felt numb.
To be continued