Agyemang Episode 15 Final


Final Episode 
I couldn’t believe my ears, where could Jacky possibly be?
I needed to get out of here ungently. I haven’t been so much worried like the way I am. However, visiting time was over and as much as I wanted to stay with my mother and Jacky’s mother, I was led back into my cell. Just when I felt all my burdens have been laid off, I just felt that weight on me again as I entered into the cell. I had no option than to go back and pray.
As I began praying, I felt a gentle pat on my shoulder. It was from my fellow cell mate whom I thought was a gay. To be honest, I was a bit frightened as he touched me. I thought it was one of his usual games into having his way with me. 
However, he had a different intention, this time around he was much calmer than I knew him to be, notwithstanding all this sudden changes I was still very careful in my dealings with him. 
“I don’t mean to frightened you, I know we may have started on a wrong foot, but there is something I need to ask you” He said. 
I was eager to hear what he had to say, and so I desperately urged him to ask. “Do you recognize me from anywhere?
” he asked. What kind of question was that? This was the first I had been put behind bars and obviously this is the only place I have met him, so what is he saying?.  
“Oh no, I don’t think you know me from anywhere, I have not seen you before.” I said. 
He looked at me expecting that I would recognize him by that look, and honestly something about him became familiar. 
I got stunned and very furious when he revealed himself. I wanted to strangle him to death at that very moment. He was the same guy who gave me the brief case, and because of him I was almost beaten mercilessly to death. 
But there was more to it than I expected, even though it was obvious that he did that on purpose, I was more surprised when he told me who was actually responsible for it. 
“I’m sorry for what I did, actually it was all set up and master minded by one Joe. I don’t really know him, I was just contracted, and without asking questions I just had to do my job.” He said. 
How could Joe do such a thing to me, did he hate me that much. Besides, we were still cool back then, so what could possibly be his motive for doing that. I was filled with rage and anger. 
“I know you are a good person without any bad ideas, I even saw from the first day I met you, and even wanted to stop at that very moment, but I couldn’t, it was too late.The other guys would have beaten you whichever way. And from the way you have been praying right from the moment you were brought here, I knew I had to tell you the truth and ask for your forgiveness.  You could have been dead by now but please forgive me” He begged. 
Honestly I had nothing against him. It was Joe whom I needed answers from. I forgave him easily and moved on. I guess I was right. Everything really happens for a reason. If I had not been brought here, I wouldn’t have known this. 
Just as I was speaking to him, again a call came in from the officer to come out of the cell. It was a moment of redemption. Finally, I set my eyes on Esther. She was really looking healthy despite her condition. She came along with Jacky’s mother’s pastor, and to tell you what, they had succeeded in bailing me out.
I gave her a big hug, yet I was so much worried about Jacky. 
“Pastor, any news on Jacky?” I asked.  The Pastor just shook his head and answered me
“Let’s just get out of here, so I tell you everything.” He said. So I quickly dressed up and signed all the necessary documents to finalize my bailing process, then left the station with the Pastor and Esther. 
I insisted on him telling me what was actually going on. But Esther stepped in and answered my question. “Jacky the young lady you have been looking for is actually in the hands of Joe, apparently, he kidnapped her with the help of Festus just because he wanted to prevent her from telling the authorities that he raped her. But somewhere along the line Festus backed out and confessed everything to the pastor. As we speak now, the police are rushing in on Joe at his hideout.” Esther said. 
It seemed whatever they were saying was like story to me.  “ Joe is capable of so many things, but for him to do this, I can’t see myself with such guy” Esther said. 
Just when she finished talking, the pastor received a phone call. It was from Jacky’s mother. Apparently, Joe had been arrested, and Jacky was now safe.   Without wasting anymore time, we quickly rushed in to the station where he was and there I saw my mother, Jacky and her mother. 
It was like a family reunion. We arrived in on time to see Joe being processed before he was finally put behind bars. That was the moment I began throwing my numerous questions on him.  
“How could you do this to me Joe, how could you? I thought we were friends?” I asked. With all this, he didn’t even show remorse for his actions. 
“You fool, you think you can get away with everything, you dare sleep with my girl and get her pregnant. You think I didn’t know about this, I knew it way before she even told me. Those mob should have killed you and as for you Jacky, I enjoyed every bit of it. I really enjoyed you.” He shouted out. Before I knew it, Jacky gave him a dirty slap that even got him bleeding from his nostrils. 
Wow!! That was really unexpected. But even with what he said, that was enough evidence for him to be put behind bars for a very long time. 
That was the last time I set my eyes on him.  Days past and we all began a new life. My mother eventually began to understand me and denial to the throne, at the end of the day, a close relative of mine inherited it and became king. She even eventually moved in the city with me and we began fellowshipping at Jacky’s mother’s church. 
Jacky was and will forever remain a sister to me. I treated her like one but it was only a matter of time that would heal the wounds Joe had caused her.  Esther moved with me  after we had a traditional wedding and even though she was fond of nagging, I kept loving her even more. I guess that is the diseases of every lady. Speaking of Joan’s curse, I will say it played a part but everything happens for a reason. At least I have now found God and I will continue to worship him truly. 
The End.
Written By Elton Nana Amoah 
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Premiering on Friday 30th September 2016.
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