Mr Perfect Episode 30


​Damian: bringing his lips forward to kiss her, she looked away slowly, dodging his lips.
Dera: i should probably just go.
Damian: just nodded in dissapointment, he wondered what those beautiful lips gonna feel like. His eyes followed her until she was out of sight.
I opened my eyes and it was dawn, whatever those crazy nurses gave me sure made me feel great, i felt stronger. I stood up walked to the doctor’s office, i knew it would be in vain waiting for ricky, damian or sophia.
Doctor: woow you look fit today mr lucas.
Me: can i go now??
Doctor: yes after signing some papers.
I did the signing grabbed my stuff and was of to my dorm, i showered got dressed in my best, grabbed my bag and laptop. I was off to class though am late, i had a good reason. Soon i walked into the class.
Mr cornell: why are you late.
Me: just got discharged from the school hospital i said slowly in a low tune, really didnt want everyone hearing as all attention was focused on me.
Mr cornell: thats alright join the class plssss.
I walked in, i felt the gaze of a few people, i never look their direction to take note of them. Just walked straight to my seat at the back, soon lectures was over, i stayed behind as everyone vacated the hall. I really didnt care about what anybody think. Just then a thought came to my head. I grabbed my phone and called liz.
Liz; hello lucas
Me: plssss i really need your help this one time.
Liz: seriously hope this isnt gonna be hard.
Me: i doubt
Liz: bring it on baby
Me: the ceo of fadden could you help get her private line, contact or mail just anything.
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Liz: uhmm whats with you and the lady anyway?? Dont tell me you are having a crush on her, shes way older than you.
Me: liz!!!!!
Liz: ok am on it i’d get back to you she said and hunged up
I thought of going to fadden myself, its really not gonna be easy to see her without an appointment, i really wanted to met her so badly. I was on net searching for just anything, i tried recalling back to anything that was gonna be useful.
Me: yes!!!! Dad’s friend dr charles he seemed like a nice man back then he got me chocolate bars and smoothie’s. He told me he was gonna take good care of mum and i could talk to her anytime. I was so lost in thought on how i was gonna get intouch with him.
Me: yes sophia!!! She’s his daughter am sure she would have something useful. I was still on my search on mum’s profile for over 30minutes, while i waited on liz for some goodnews before procceeding to my new plan. And soon my phone rang.
Me: hello liz plsss tell me you have a goodnews!!
Liz: uhmmm actually luke theres nothing here.
Me: was silent for a while, as i nodded to myself.
Liz: are you alright.
Me: yeah thanks so much.
 I grabbed my stuffs and my bag and was out insearch of sophia, i looked around the hand ball, the basket ball and wheeeew no sign of her. I went to the cafeteria, to look for her, still no luck. I decided to have something to eat before going to the ladies dorm, for the first time since my arrival in college. I was done with the food i walked into the dorm, i had no idea how to find her room luckily i bumped into her.
Me: hey soph
To be continued