Mr Perfect Episode 29


​Damian: luke you are awake!!! He said smiling.
Ricky: hey big bro, he said with a smile.
Dera: i thought you said he was still unconscious she said in low tune to damian, not realizing the 3rd party heard it.
Me: scoffed as i looked, she still wished i was unconscious.
Dera: damian whispered back a few words to her, lucas good to know you are alright.
Me: i turned to ricky, why is she here??
Ricky: relax man she came to see you. My gaze were still fixed on him, he got the message immediately. Uhmmm i think…….the words were still in his mouth.
Dera: you need not say it, i actually understand, i shouldnt have come in the first place. She said storming out angrily.
Damian: dera!!! Come on wait up he doesnt mean that, she was long gone. He turned back to lucas, you really are a piece of crap!!! He said as he went after her immediately.
Ricky: nice way to treat a guess!! He said sarcastically.
Me: yeah, i did feel bad alittle……but i said nothing
Sophia: am back who missed me!! She asked but got no response, uhmmm is anything wrong guys???
Ricky: uhmm i think you should ask mr. Perfect, thank God you are here. Am off, and luke you have an apology to do.
Sophia: uhmm luke you mind telling me what happened?
Me: is that lassanya!!!!! I asked smiling.
Sophia: looking at me in a weird way yup she said handing it over.
Me: thanks soph smiling abit.
Sophia: you know luke, back then when we were kids i had a crush on you she said smiling.
Me: smile# and now??
Sophia: you are cuter, taller, smarter and calmer.
Me: smiles#
Sophia: i really dont want to judge you based on what people say but uhmm i saw the angry lady and damian and then ricky, thats enough evidence.
Me: what are you getting at.
Sophia: the guy i knew back then was tactful, nice and polite, he smiled alot that was the guy i had crush on, you are rather resentful, impolite and worst of all a grudge keeper.
Me: didnt see that coming my mouth opened wild in shock, great, that is where all this are leading you just wanna crucify me.
Sophia: call it anything luke, just at the end of the day your gonna look back only to find out your standing alone, nothing could be worst than that. She said as she left immediately.
Me: i watched her leave i tried calling her back but no words came out of my mouth, i think i lost my apetite too. But why is she being rude, have never been hard on her i wondered. I laid down to sleep, her words kept on ringing in my head, and it was really getting to me.
Me: am not any of those things you said to me!!!!!! I just wanna see my mum, am not interested in having anyone of you behind me, as long as am away from momma i dont wanna be fine!!! I yelled so loud as i sobbed.
The nurses quickly rushed in, trying to keep me calm.
Me: just leave me alone!!!! I dont care what she…….i was about saying when i felt a sharp pain pierce my left arm and i passed out almost immediately. As the nurse wondered what was wrong with him.
Damian: dera plsss wait dont get mad plsss this all my fault.
Dera: its not your fault is mine, i was being too caring to someone who doesnt like me.
Damian: that’s not how it is dera, i told you hes a pained kid, nothing he says should be taken seriously.
Dera: are you taking sides now??
Damian: no i dont want you to ever regret hanging out with me, it was all my fault, plsss stop being mad ok. He said touching her cheek.
To be continued