Mr Perfect Episode 28


she was at the handball peach to search for her ribbon again, the pink hair ribbon and the necklace she had on were the only memory she had of mum. It was difficult letting it go, anyone would want to think its just a ribbon but this means alot to her. She was pretty exhausted from the long search, just when she sat down to rest her eyes found a pink material under the audience seat, she quickly pulled up and it was her ribbon.
Dera: omg!!! She said smiling happily as she rubbed her cheek gently on it. She walked out happily when she saw the school ambulance leaving in such a haste. A few people looking shocked, uhmm well she didnt want anything to ruin her joy, she went her way.
Damian: hi he said standing in her path.
Dera: hello damian
Damian: were have you been he asked looking a bit worried.
Dera: is someone worried about me she asked teasingly.
Damian: smile kinda
Dera: whats going on?? Was there a fight in the boys dorm?
Damian: none of such happened, he said looking away abit. Not because he was feeling sad, he liked her alot, just wanted attention.
Dera: what happened she looked at him with searching eyes.
Damian: blinking fast like he was gonna cry, its lucas, he was found unconcious
Dera: omg!!! Am so sorry about that damian.
Damian: that wasnt exactly what he wanted, he decided to push further, he is in a very terrible state, he said feigning sobs.
Dera; hugging him, he is gonna be fine damian, i know you care about him alot.
Damian: smile# holding her soft body felt so good, he never had the chance, he didnt feel like letting go.
I was finally awake, somethings felt weird, i was on another cloth, that didnt look familiar. On a bed not wide enough, the place seem to be so bright. I tried to raise my head to look around, but it felt so heavy.
Me: were am i?? I wondered.
Sophia: he is awake she said to someone.
Ricky: lucas! He said with a smile
Me: how long have i been sleeping??, i managed to ask.
Sophia: 2days lucas.
Me: my eyes shown open, 2days???
Ricky: be right back i’ll have to inform the doctor he said as he left.
Sophia: sitting close to my head, how are you feeling she said rubbing my hair.
Me: i exhaled i think am fine.
Sophia: what happened luke.
Me: the question she asked made my brain replayed the event, from the point i ran out of school to the point were i fainted. While my face unconsciously showed pains.
Sophia; its alright luke you dont have to say anything, just then the doctor walked in ran a few check on me.
Doctor: he’d be discharged tomorrow, we’d take a day to monitor his health. Get him something to eat, he said and left.
Sophia: i got that she said as she left too.
Ricky: you really are naughty you know.
Me: just smile as i sat up.
Ricky: 1st you drove out of school in such a hurry 2nd you were found unconscious. So tell me who’s the lucky girl, he said winking.
Me: hahaha seriously it not just about a girl you know.
Ricky: true so what happened??
Me: my mum she was at mj ric
Ricky: lemme guess you didnt meet her.
Me: just nodds
Ricky: there’s always a next time man, when that time comes, come to me first we’d find her together. Just then damian walked in with dera.
To be continued