Mr Perfect Episode 27


I ran in so fast, as i stopped abruptly to catch my breathe. I ran to the elevator, punch the button but it was not opening because someone was inside already. I quickly ascended the flight of stairs, i was at the door of dad’s office, my hair was already messy. I exhaled deeply trying to calm my racing mind, turned the knob and the door was locked.
Me: d–n it!!!!!! I said kicking the door hard in fustration, i ran to my office with a thundering speed i opened the door and everyone seemed to be scared.
Roger: whoooow!!! Easy man
Sam: you look messy whats wrong.
Tricia: luke???
Me: i ignored all of them, my breathing were so hard, i walked to liz. Were did they go???
Liz: they?? She asked confused.
Roger: calm down man and talk to us, you know we can help.
Me: the ceo of fadden corp and my boss were did they go i asked slowly.
Roger: i think they thought it better of to discuss business over lunch.
Me: where???
Roger: i have no idea
Liz: mr milan love french fries how about you check there.
Me: thanks liz, i ran away quickly i was so exhausted havent had anything to eat. I drove down there, search round like someone who was crazy, i was about going upstairs when the security grabbed me and tossed me out.
Me: i rushed in again even more violently, runing upstairs the security doubled up.
he quickly suggested that business should be discussed over lunch at his favourite eatery. He went there with mirabel, he loved sitting at the top part covered with glasses you can see everything happening benearth you without being seen.
Milan: he saw lucas struggling with the security he exhaled in relief.
Mirabel: that boy……she said pausing a bit like she was gonna recall.
Milan: looking at her in anticipation, for the past few hours he knew somethings werent right with her so he relaxed a bit. What about him.
Mirabel: have seen him somewhere before.
Milan: where?? He asked slowly.
Mirabel: she seemed a bit confused, ooooh she smiled he looks just like the styles front page model
Milan: hahahaah you sure have a good brain, hmmm she lost her memory for sure, charles did it afterall, he grinned. Lets eat.
I struggled so hard but it was effortless as they keep blocking my way.
Me: plsssss my mum is in here i need to see her plssss i said grabbing the shirt of the leader pleadingly, he replied my pleading with a hard punch. I fell to the ground, i wasnt gonna leave am gonna wait till everyone vacates, till i see my mum walk out through that door.
Me: i sat down there waiting with red eyes, for over an hour, i was begining to have doubts, what if they aint here, this is dad’s favourite not hers. I felt so bad giving up but i had to, it looked like it was gonna rain soon.
I dragged my self up into my car, rested my head on the wheel, i wasnt heartbroken, i felt like my heart was set ablaze, the feeling hurts so terribly, if only i was in my room to wait for their arrival, if only i went to class with my laptop.
Me: i felt like shes gonna varnish again and now its gonna take a longer time to see her, i drove back to school. Looking so worn out, my legs hurt so bad, i walked dragging my feet soon it began to ran heavily. I wasnt a bit concerned about the ran i just sobbed like a child as i dragged my feet to my dorm, just at the entrance, my body couldnt take it anymore i collapsed.