Mr Perfect Episode 26


​I walked back to my dorm, still holding the ice to my face.
Dera: hello lucas she said walking towards me
Me: on seeing her i was pissed again emotional dude huh i thought, i turned the other way and left like she wasnt even there.
Dera: she just stood there staring at him, he sure is the kind to hold a grudge she thought.
I was back to my dorm, opened my computer and was back to what i was doing. And soon the day passed, i showered and was dressed, thankfully my cheek was back to normal, still had a slit cut on my lips i exhaled in relieve and was off to class.
Everyone awaited the arrival of the ceo, just when the car drove into the compound, milano and his other staffs were already waiting for him in the reception.
Mirabel came down from the backseat dressed beautifully in a black gown and a dark sunshade, with a sparking silvery hand bag and hills. She walked in majestically through the door with a few escorts like a prominent person.
Milan: he turned to see the ceo but it almost seemed like he’s hallucinating. Mirabel!!!! He yelled in his head in shock.
Mirabel: walking closer to him hello she said simply with a beautiful smile.
Millan: omg!! That smile, he thought as he was a bit nervous, he decided to play along you are welcome to MJ we’ve long awaited your visit.
Mirabel: my pleasure
Milan: this way please he said leading her to the elevator.
Mirabel: you deal with just chocolates??
Milan: and beverages too
Mirabel: impressive she said with a smile.
Milan: she acted so normal, could it be she’s here for revenge already, she should be in the mental assylum how is it that she’s out and i was never informed.
Mirabel: you seem troubled mr…..???
Milano: martinez, yeah life’s got so much to worry about you know.
Mirabel: yeah it has ups and downs never smooth.
Milan: he was becoming fustrated abit, she wasnt saying anything he wanted to hear, just bent on business. Just a minute plssss, he walked out to the control room
Milan: roger disconnect all online video, he didnt want lucas to see this.
Roger: yes sire he said, liz has long sent  entry video to lucas, and he was already connected.
Liz: are we disconnecting lucas too.
Roger: you dont want to go against orders he said with a smile.
After classes today i was on my way to the cafeteria when i remembered today was a special day in mj, i really need to see them making deals. I rushed back to my dorm, grabbed my laptop punch the button i was connected and later disconnected, i decided to check my mail.
Me: you are the best liz i said as i found a video. The lady walking into mj taking of her shade in front of the camera. Mum!!!!!! My eyes opened wild in suprised. Like a lightening i ran out of my room almost hitting a few guys down. Got into my car, i was on a very high speed, there was traffic i quickly reversed taking another route as fast as i could.
Me: come on mum just wait a little more, this time i found you. I drove at a high speed into mj, i never bothered about my parking i jumped down and ran in.
To be continued