Mr Perfect Episode 23


​Dera; he seemed angry i think i pissed him off.
Damian: i told you already princess you need not take that to heart, lucas is a troubled kid. So dont ever think you are the reason he’s like that.
Dera: nodded but she still wasnt convinced, she saw the looks in his eyes. They both ate as they discussed other issues.
Ricky: who’d believe after all this years your gonna be here.
Sophia; i really did miss you guys, i had to convince dad, and finally it worked.
Ricky: am glad it did, he said smiling at her, as they walked around the school.
Sophia: so i guess school is quite fun??
Ricky: more than you can imagine, comon lets grab a seat
she was a huge fan of styles magazine, she could remember modeling twice, her memories were coming back, piece by piece. She smiled as she looked at the magazine on the front page was a cute young boy. It almost seemed like she had a connection with the photo, she look trying so hard to comprehend why when her head began to ache just then the secretary walked in.
Secratary: ma the documents are ready. Her dad was willing all his assets to her, and the documentation is what her secretary made efforts to prepare.
Mirabel: let me see them she said, the secretary handed them over to her, as she went through it one after another. So what is the first schedule business transaction we have??
Secretary: with the ceo of mj.
I was still pissed as i walked towards my dorm, for now i think thats gonna be the best place for me to stay.
Mira: hello lucas she said smiling.
Me; aaaaarrrrggggh not again, i just want to be alone i yelled in my head. Plssss mira not now, i said walking past her.
Mira: runing back and stood in my path. Wait a minute!!!
Me: i really felt like pushing her away, i was finding it difficult to calm down, everything seemed to be getting into my head. Mira plssss leave the way.
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Mira: not until you tell me why you are avoiding me!!
Me: aaaaarrrgggh stop it mira am not in the mood to talk i was seriously loosing it.
Mira; when are you ever gonna be in the mood lucas??
Me: i turned heading backwards heading back to the cafe, and zoom she was infront of me again.
Mira: smile got ya
Me: my head was begining to ache, all i wanted badly was just my own space, this whole thing was really getting to me. Finally i lost it, stay the hell away from me mira!!!! I yelled so loud almost creating a scene.
Mira: she moved back a bit in fear, as the smile on her face was reconstructed to sadness and her eyes glittered like she was gonna cry.
Me: i swear, this isnt my fault, she was just too pushy. I didnt mean to be rude i said simply as i left quickly, i walked so fast to my room just when i turned i saw her, infront of me with teary.
Mira: am i that insignificant to you??? She said walking closer.
Me: mira plssss we can talk about this later. This time my head was begining to ache so bad
Mira: answer me!!! She yelled even louder.
Me: i felt like i was gonna explode, the last thing i saw was the world moving round and round.
Mira: luke! Luke are you alright.
Me: i staggered back trying to act normal but my eyes still made 360turns. The last thing i heard was mira screaming my name.
Mira: lucas!!!!!!!!!
To be continued