Mr Perfect Episode 24


He missed seeing lucas at the office, whenever files were to be uploaded it was sent to his mail. He was a really beautiful combination of his mum and dad, he looked so much like her, his eyes, nose, smile. He exhaled, the only thing he fear right now was him not being so emotionally fragile like his mum. He brought himself back to reality. The ceo of fadden corp will soon be paying mj a visit he really wished luke was around to meet mr fadden so he thought.
Mira: i saw him lay unconcious i quickly ran out for help, bumped into ricky who was walking round the school with a lady. Ricky lucas just fainted.
Ricky: were is he!!!
Mira: at his door post in the dorm, he ran quickly to the hostel while i and the lady tried to catch up.
Ricky: he saw him on  floor lucas!!! He yelled shaking him vigoriously.
Me: aaaaaw that hurts i muttered, as my eyes began to open bit by bit.
Sophia: dont worry she said to mira he’s gonna be fine.
Ricky helped him up into his room, were he took a very long nap.
Mira: are you sure he’s alright??
Ricky: i think so, come on lets go, they all left.
Sophia: am sophia she said to mira
Mira: am miranda, you can call me mira.
Sophia: what happened??
Mira: we were talking when he held his head like it was aching, the next thing i knew he was on the floor with his eyes closed.
Ricky: thanks for the call mira he said with a smile as they parted ways.
I woke up hours later, i kept on wondering what happened, crazy girl just wont listen to what i say. I feel alot better now though. Opened my laptop i had few mail which i attended to, and one which seemed to be a special message. The ceo of faddens corp will be visiting soon sent by liz.
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Me: typing, thanks liz i need video updates too i sent with a smile similey. Got up took my shower and changed into some clean cloths.
Sat on my bed, i wont be going to chill at the hand ball peach today. I grabbed my laptop and was going through styles website, when an idea came to my head, how about making an app with a data connection for purchase others. I kinda like the idea so i decided to try.
I was up all night punching the keyboard, writing java languages, when i stop to look at the time it was almost 6;30am and it was already bright outside.
Me: my eyes were so heavy i knew i wont be attending class today, i fell back on my bed and slept of.
I woke up feeling so hungry i only had lunch yesterday, i showered, got dressed and was out for lunch. Hmmmm all students seemed to have evaquated the school only a few perching. Well i didnt bother asking questions i was really hungry. I went over the counter bought something to eat, they were less than 15students here hmm whats happening i ask the attendant.
Attendant; i think some student are having some scores to settle.
Me: it has absolutely nothing to do with me i thought as i quickly located a seat. When my phone ringed
liz: hello lucas how you doing.
Me: never better
Liz: haha ceo of fadden’s corp would be here tomorrow, they say he wants to clear his schedules.
Me: i really dont want to miss out, i need video updates or link me up anyone.
Liz: got it, how’s school??
Me: chaotic everyone sees me as a supermodel, i really need disguise.
Liz: you had better start getting used to it luke.
To be continued