Agyemang Episode 14


I was just stunned, there must be a mistake but whatever it was, I was already handcuffed and led away. With no tangible reason, I was taken to the police station and was immediately put behind bars just after writing my statement. 
From what I gathered at the station, Joe had officially made a report to the police right after I had confronted him at the hospital, and for the fact that I had openly threatened him, I was answerable to any harm that may befall him. It’s rather unfortunate and coincidental that right after he left the police station to make the report, he was knocked down by a hit and run driver.
I was then placed behind bars just because of the harmless threat I had made. That was a big lesson to me though. No matter how angry I was, I should have made my choice of words very wisely. Now look at me, I have been held accountable for it. 
It’s exactly a day after I was arrested and surprisingly, no word from Jacky’s mother, the pastor, Jacky herself or my mother. Speaking of my mother, I should be with her taking her condition into consideration. As at now, I didn’t  know if Esther had been discharged or was still at the hospital. It looks as if I have been neglected or something. 
I was alone in this miserable place just because of what I said. The worse of it all was that this other cell mate kept bothering me over and over again. As much as I kept complaining to the officers, they just turned deaf ears to me. 
Even in the middle of night, this other cell mate tried to come on to me. I concluded that he was actually  “GAY”. I began to pity  myself. This definitely has  to do with Joan’s curse, there was no doubt about it. If not, how will a harmless human like me go through this within a short period of time? Honestly I have had my fill already. 
I needed a helper, someone who will take this cup away from me. It was too much for me. I didn’t want to be a king  and that led me to this place, then, my lustful desire brought curses on me and the people around me. I just can’t take it anymore. As all these were  running through my mind, I began shedding tears. Everything that had happened seems to have something to do with me. 
I literally cried like a baby. That’s the moment I found myself talking to God through prayer. My first honest and true prayer. I prayed and asked for forgiveness from God. I partly share in the misery and calamity that had befallen me. I prayed over and over again and even without knowing I was praying on top of my voice. 
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My other cell mates stood there and laughed at me but that never discouraged me. I prayed for over 45 minutes and amazingly as soon as I finished, I felt a heavy burden has been lifted from me. It was as if everything was alright. 
I felt that joy I have never felt in a long while in my heart. I just had the feeling that everything is alright and I was in this place purposely for something. As to what the purpose was, I was yet to find out. A call came in from an officer that I have a visitor. What a relief! Is this how God works or it’s just a coincidence? Whichever way it was, all thanks to God. 
I went out and there my mother was together with Jacky’s mother. Their sudden friendship and bond surprised me a lot. My mother was in a wheelchair, at least I should be happy that she is alive and have been discharged from the hospital. 
She burst into tears when she saw me coming out of the cell. Which mother wouldn’t do that? But I met her with a smile. I was made to talk to her behind the counter. 
“Mum, how are you doing?” I asked her. 
“I’m very fine. What did you do to your friend? I know you are not capable of harming anyone.” She asked.
“I did nothing. It’s my fault though. My threating words brought me here.” I said. 
“Don’t worry, we are working very hard to get you out of here and trust me, you will be out of here in no time” Jacky’s mother came in. 
“…but I want you to thank your mother for me. She has permitted me to continue to stay at the house as long as I want” said Jacky’s mother. 
Wow, I can’t believe my mother actually did that.  Even with this, I could see Jacky’s mother was not happy. She had a sad look on her face when she should actually be rejoicing over my mother’s benevolence. 
Curiosity, they say, kills the cat so I asked. “Is everything alright? You don’t look so happy” I asked. 
“Oh it’s nothing” She nervously said but my mother quickly interrupted. “Oh! I’m sure she is not used to this place that’s why” said my mother. 
For how long have my mother known Jacky’s mother for my mother to step in for her like this? I knew there was something fishy going on. It was so obvious that they were hiding something from me. 
“Can you tell me what is really going on? You are not telling me something” I desperately asked. 
All she did was “hmm” she couldn’t tell me, until my mother broke the news to me. 
“Ever since you got arrested, no one had seen the where about of her daughter, Jacky. She is missing. We don’t know where she is” said my mother.
I couldn’t believe my ears. Where could Jacky possibly be?
To be continued. 
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