Mr Perfect Episode 20


Today is a new and beautiful day, i woke a bit late, i quickly got dressed finely in black tux. Walked out of the house into my car and was of to styles. I walked in a bit confused about what i should be doing.
Karen: there you are!! She said runing towards me as her hills made knocking sounds with tiles.
Me: goodmorning….karen, i was yet to complete those words when she pulled me along, i staggered a bit but quickly found balance.
Karen: hope you slept well! She said still runing towards the elevator.
Me: yeah why are we in such a hurry??
Karen: we are behind schedule for the show down. She said as we got into the elevator and soon we were out again. She pulled me to the dressing room. You have just 20minutes.
Everyone was sitted round the show down podium, milano the ceo was in front with his beautiful wife sitting on his right hand side and damian, ricky and pamela on his left, other high ranked staffs and share holder and dealers were equally sitted and soon it was time for the show down.
the make-up artist hurriedly applied make ups to my face, i was clad in a white winter coat and dark sweat pants and flat black can, which fit perfectly.
Karen:  yelled. I walked out as the music seem to have changed. I walked down the isle as the crowd kept cheering and aplauding, they seemed to like the outfit, i smiled a bit and turned to leave.
Damian: thats lucas!!
Pamela: oooh my God he looks cool!! She said with a smile.
Ricky: whoooo hooo thats my boy he yelled, i just smiled on my way out, i know who’d be crazy enough to do that.
Damian: why is he there???
Vanessa: whispering to milan is lucas one of your models now??
Milan: smile# he was hired yestiday, you heard the cheering yourself.
Vanessa: smile yep he’s good.
I walked back stage, to were karen stood to watch unoticed.
Me: how was my perfomance??
Karen: you didnt tell me you were once a model??
Me: this is my first.
Karen: that was cool, get ready you are going in two’s, with that lady over there.
Me: yes ma’am i quickly stood next to her. The lines drawn on her eyes and eye brows made her looked mean so i decided to mind my business. And soon we were on. We walked down the isle together and back. Finally the show down was over it was really fun. I was about changing, when ricky and pamela came around.
Pamela: i cant wait to tell my friends my brother is a supermodels, she grabbed my hands bringing out her phone as we took selfies, smiling.
Ricky: mehn you were smoking cool, i know i taught how to give a players smirk, am impressed, you looked bad!
Me: hit his arm playfully.
Ricky: hahahah
Karen: lucas!!!!! We still have some work to do!! She yelled
Me: just a minute karen!! I replied.
Ricky: what!!! You didnt tell her you are her boss son!!!
Me: smile# they are better of not knowing. Ok its time to leave i really dont want them to know.
Ricky: ok man see you around he said taking pamela out. I quickly walked to the dressing room, changed up and joined karen. We moved the cloths downstairs for sampling. After that she led me to a room with a few computers was kept with 2guys on headsets.
Karen: all online purchase and delivery is controlled here, this is were you gonna be working she said with a smile.
To be continued