Agyemang Episode 13


“That’s him! that’s him Agyemang ! He is the one who raped me” She said pointing hands at Joe and feeling frightened. Jacky can’t be real about this. I have known Joe for quite some time now. I don’t see him to be doing that. Well, everything is possible. After all, look at what Esther went through with him. 
She was completely afraid. As soon as Joe also saw Jacky, his attitude changed completely and was acting nervously. This is the same Joe that wouldn’t talk to me when he got to know about Esther and I, so why now?
That was enough proof for me. I got so irritated that I even forgot that Joan just passed away. As soon as he came over, I started questioning him. 
“I suppose this is how you are, you don’t have any respect for women. For Christ’s sake Joe, she is young.How could you? I asked. 
He didn’t even deny it. He acted as if he was so proud about the whole thing. I began hating him right from that time. That actually made me realize that Jacky needed more help than I thought. It was through my friend that she has ended up this way and that’s no fault of hers. Even her father had rejected her.  
“Oh come on, don’t behave  like an angel. It’s not as if you also don’t like her. How did you know each other by the way? He annoyingly asked. That was too much. Joe had succeeded in pushing me to the wall and should I say it was a reflex action, I lost control of myself and the next I saw was Joe lying on the floor with a bleeding nose after I had landed a heavy punch on his face. 
The pastor stopped me when I tried to shower him with more punches while he was on the ground. 
“It’s not worth it. Let’s hand him over to the authorities.” The pastor said. Just at the mention of authorities, Joe got frightened, stood up quickly and began to walk away. 
“Get the hell out of here! You coward, trust me, you have seen nothing yet. I wouldn’t stop until I see your lifeless body” I shouted. I was so angry that I wish I could just smash his head against the  wall. Festus was just standing all along completely amazed and surprised about the whole thing. 
He couldn’t even say a word and I never blamed him for that. All he did was to walk out just as Joe did and that didn’t bother me that much. I was so mad. I guess the anger was a buildup of what he did to Esther and Jacky. This was the best way for him to learn and I was so sure that he hadn’t seen the last of me. 
Who ever thought a beautiful friendship like this would end up this way? I remembered the good old days when myself, Emy, Festus and Joe will go out and have fun all night. We talked about everything and made fun of everything. Speaking of Emy, I miss her so much. Should I blame myself for her death? If I hadn’t called her to save me from the hands of Joan, she would have been alive by now
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Does this mean she was the first victim after Joan cursed me? I began to feel sorry. I wish I could have turned back the hands of time just to make things right with Joan. She is no more. It seems I had taken her words for granted and now that I needed her most just to show her how sorry I was for taking advantage of her, she is no more. 
As if the Pastor knew what I was thinking of, he held my hand. I was lost in thoughts. He said the most encouraging thing I have ever heard in time of crises “With God, everything is possible”. 
Maybe I have not paid much attention to my Christian life, maybe I have not been serious with God’s way of doing things. If I were a true believer, I wouldn’t have had  random sex and all these  wouldn’t have happened in anyway. It’s about time I begin to change my way of life and take my faith in God really serious. 
We quickly went to check on my mom and to my surprise; Jacky’s mother was sitting right beside my mother on her bed holding her hands as if they were friends. The last time I remembered, the last person my mother wanted to see was Jacky’s mother. She was a rival anyway. 
My mother on the hand was looking sad even to the point of shedding tears. There was something going on that I didn’t know about. Something that both my mother and Jacky’s mother knew that I didn’t know. 
All I was concerned about was how my mother and Jacky’s mother were getting along. This is the very woman that my mother wants to take back her property from. 
I went close to my mother and she gave me weird smile and said. “My son, this woman here had shown me love that I can’t even imagine. She is a good person and there is something I need to tell you. I told the doctor to allow me to tell you myself” She said. 
I began getting scared as she said that. I knew it was definitely not going to be a good news. “What is it mum?” I desperately asked. 
“hmm, It seems the accident affected my spinal cord and it’s unfortunate that I can’t walk anymore” She said. Tears immediately started running down from my cheeks. I can’t imagine seeing my mother in wheelchair for the rest of her life. It wasn’t right for her to see me crying for her. What I needed to do now was rather to encourage her and just when I was about to do that, Festus came in with the police calling for my immediate arrest. 
I had no Idea of what I had done for Festus to call the police on me until the CID began interrogating me. “Are you Agyemang?” He asked. 
“Yes, what is wrong?” I asked. 
“You have been arrested for the attempted murder of Joe. You have the right to remain silent for what you say will be used against you in the court of law.” The CID said. 
I was just stunned. There must be a mistake but whatever it was, I was already handcuffed and led away. 
To be continued. 
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