Mr Perfect Episode 19


​karen was quite jovial, it almost seemed like we were close friends, we talked and laughed as she showed me around. The day was quite short, soon it was closing hour.
I drove feeling so happy, i think i was having fun, i was home, i had a cold shower and came down for dinner, everyone was seated already. We began to eat in silence.
Damian: so lucas why were you at mj earlier today?? A question he asked which seem to be a shocker for everyone.
Vanessa: you were at mj??
Me: just nodded.
Milan: looking a little bit pissed, damian how many times do i have to tell you, that business talks is different from family talks?? Business issues are discussed in the office.
Vanessa: with business partners milan, she said cutting in, does that mean he’s…… she said pausing for a while.
Milan: looking at damian angrily, i just lost my apetite, he stood up and left. As everyone turned to my direction, i just pretended to be so hungry.
Pamela: is it true luke she asked softly.
Me: looked at her, i was at dad’s office today.
Vanessa: to do what??
Me: well uhmm i wanted it to be my secret, i work as a part-time employee.
Everyone: employeee!!!
Ricky: jeeez why are you working as an employee when you could actually be a huge share holder.
Damian: lies!!! Dad would never ask me to wait in the reception while discussing with an employee.
Vanessa: thats enough now, you’ve gotten your dad pissed already, just eat your food. We are all silent, i could feel damian eyes all over me.
Me: well i really dont know what he is thinking, but my presence in mj has totally nothing to the with him.
Not quite long mum stood up, she wasnt that comfortable with the idea. She walked to her room, why would he go so low to be a common employee, she really did want to believe he is being sincere but his action wasnt. After a while of thinking she walked into milan’s room.
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Milan: you’ve come to talk about lucas, am not interested.
Vanessa: i just want to know why i wasnt informed??
Milan: when in the past have i informed you before employing anyone. And why should it start now.
Well i was done with my food, i went back to my room saying goodnight to everyone. I trust he’d get over it by tomorrow. 
Me on the other hand, couldnt wait to be at work tomorrow. I really looked forward to the show down. Just then my phone ranged.
Me: looking at the screen, the number didnt seem familiar. Hello i said.
Caller: hi luky its mira she said cheerfully.
Me: huuh how did you get my number, never given it out to anyone before??? Just then the answer ranged in my head, ricky!!!!
Mira: come on lucas, how about you trying to be a nice gentleman once in while.
Me: i guess am obviously not a gentleman.
Mira: that because you dont want to be.
Me: ok so what is it you wanted.
Mira: to say hi ofcourse.
Me: you’ve said more than just hi, am off to bed.
Mira: ok how about we hang out tomorrow?
Me: i’d be busy
Mira: then weekends will do just fine she said.
Me: exhaled# come on mira save your strenght for someone else, who actually does care about you. Am aint worth the stress and beside am gonna be busy.
Mira: sorry luke i think thats gonna be pretty dificult. She said as she hunged up.
To be continued