Mr Perfect Episode 18


​I sipped the coffee and the taste was soothing and refreshing.
Me: hmmmmm
Roger: taste great right??
Me: yup
Roger: trust me we are all addicted to this coffee.
Me: hahahaha
Liz: thats not true
Sam: i knew you’d say that
tricia: hahaha bottom line is we all love this coffee. She said with a smile.
For 6 straight hours i was punching the button of my system.
Me: bravo!!! I said unconciously, well i thought i was in a lonely place. Everyone turned to my direction.
Liz: lets hear the goodnews she said as everyone payed rapt attention to what i was gonna say.
Me: uhmm i said feeling a bit embarrassed am really not sure, you gonna find this exciting.
Everyone: try us they said in unison.
Me; ok check the company’s website. They quickly took there eyes back to their computer.
Becky: wooow what did you do??? She said with her mouth wide opened. It almost seemed like everyone has seen it.
Roger: hmmm good work
Me: thank roger, i looked at my watch and it was 12, oopss later guys i said as i stood up to leave.
I was running late already, i hurriedly took the elevator, and soon i was at his office.
Me: i checked my time and i was 5minutes late, sorry am late.
Milan: just smiled you can seat luke, he looked at his watch we’d leave in less than an hour. So what have you been up to???
Me: uhmm can i show you sir
Milan: hmmm sir, impressive he thought, yes plsss
Me: i turned his laptop facing my direction. Here you go, upgraded version of MJ’s website.
Milan: his eyes popped open, you did this???
Me: yes sir, i wasnt here for any father and son favours, i was here for cash, my own cash precisely.
Milan: smiled# impressive he said, just then damian walked in.
Damian: hello dad, he said with almost a squeezed face immediately his eyes found me.
Milan: uhmm damian you’d have to wait at the reception am in the middle of something right now.
Damian: the reception???
Milan; nodded
he walked out of the office, wondering why luke is here, and dad asked him to wait at the reception for the first time, rather than asking him to leave?? He  really wanted to know what I was doing here.
We talked for long hours and i seemed to have impressed dad alot as smiles never left his face, he admitted i was quite skillful, and i was gonna be well paid. And right now i just succeeded in keeping my job, even while in school i was gonna be paid. The fun part of all this was, am gonna be promoted and as a full time worker? After my graduation.
We both walked out together immediately it clocked 1pm, passed damian who sat on the reception seat waiting patiently, when his eyes found dad, he quickly walked to were he was.
Damian: are you going somewhere???
Milan: i’ll be back soon you take care of my office ok? He said before we left. We both drove down to styles.
Karen: welcome sir a hot intern on glasses, looking smart and cute, almost seem like she anticipated our coming.
Milan: this is lucas a new part-time employee, show him around, he said as he left.
Karen; smiling hello lucas, am karen.
Me: smile#, nice to meet you karen.
Karen: come on let me show you around, i quickly followed, new deliveries will be here soon, the show starts tomorrow too.
Me: woow you must be really smart karen.
Karen: i hear that alot, and speaking of the show down, i think your gonna do just fine she said with a smile
To be continued