Mr Perfect Episode 21


​Me: uhmmm karen, my job here is not to be a computer geek, i asked a bit confused.
Karen: smile# uhmm how about you try discussing that with the boss she said and left.
Me: i exhaled as i sat down on my sit. Soon it was noon, i drove down to mj, walked into my office.
Everyone: hello lucas they said with a smile.
Me: hi i said walking to my sit.
Liz: you’ve got some works to do, i sent some files to your computer, go through them they’d help you read our terms and conditions on the website.
Me: just nodded as i ran a quick check on them.
Work was quite hectic but i was coping, i made sure i wasnt lacking in anyway. I was always active on the weekly show downs, i was stressed up but it still feels like fun. Our vacation ended faster than imagined and now we were back to school, with me having lots of cool cash in my personal account. It did feel like have been away for long, i guess because have been so busy.
all offices had camera’s have been watching him for weeks, he wasnt a bit lazy even though he could be and never get sanctioned for it but he was at his best, he never complained about the extra duty added to him. And even to my suprise, he was quite effecient, and skillful always finished his daily task. I was quite impressed i made sure he was well paid, he deserved better.
today was our first lecture after our return from vacation, i was abit late to class i overslept. The tutor was already in the class.
Mr rodwell: mr lucas you’re late why??
Me: i overslept
Mr rodwell: be early next time. While i walked i could make out faint murmuring.
Students: i told you thats him, its him!! Blaaah blaah blaah. I never understood anything they were saying of course it has nothing to do with me i thought.
The class was wonderful as everyone waited eagerly for mr. Rodwell to leave. Just immediately he left. A few ladies rushed to my sit.
Girls: omg your a model??? They said almost in unison.
Me: uhmm i think you girls are mistaken, i said grabbing my bags as i stood up to leave.
Girl2: lets buy you lunch plsssss
Girl3: and selfies too.
Me: i dont do any of that, see you around, i said walking out. As everyone kept staring at me. Ooooh my God!!! Does that mean everyone here watches styles daily!??? I was heading to the cafeteria when i saw a girl with a magazine and i was on the front page.
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Me: lemme see that i said pulling it, uhmmm i never knew about this!!! Omg.
Girl: are you ok???
Me: sorry i said i’d have to keep this, i added as i rushed into the cafeteria to meet ricky. Who i found with 5girls.
Ricky: there comes my awesome brother lucas!! He said as the girls smiled.
Me: ricky i need to talk to you like now, i said pulling him up to the rest room.
Ricky: whats wrong superstar!!
Me: here i handed over the magazine.
Ricky: coooooooool!!!
Me: not cool, i wasnt told about this???
Ricky: you see those girls out there, they hanging out with me because of you, you are the coolest bro ever!!! Dont screw up ok, He said tapping my shoulders as he left.
Me: aaaaaaarrghhhh well i think i’d just have my lunch first before disappearing. I walked to the counter to place my order.
Attendant: wooow look who we have here the hot supermodel
Me: not again!! I thought, food plssss, i said a bit pissed, she quickly handed over my tray to me, as i quickly located an empty seat in an isolated place, i was about eating when i heard.
Girl: you really are popular
To be continued