Mr Perfect Episode 16


​Me: smile# lemme guess, your ball found me.
Mira: hahaha i guess so, havent been seeing you around
Me: smile# have been here and there. I said tossing her ball back to her.
Mira: you have a pen???
Me: yup i said tossing it over to her.
Mira: can i see your palm
Me: i showed it to her, she bent seductively, with a sexy smile, she wrote something on my palm.
Mira: call me she said smiling as she walked away flaunting a huge backside.
Ricky: hahahha you know that girl has got her eyes on you, from the start
Me: what are you talking about i said abit irritated.
Ricky: you remember our last meeting, i had my way with her friend, but that b—h over there, seem to be hanging out with me just to know about you, never got the chance to screw her.
Me: and you told her???
Ricky: am sorry man, those s–t words came out on its own, i kinda told her all details about you.
Me: a bit disappoint, i thought you were a pro at scoring points not cool ricky!!.
Ricky: she bj’ed it outta my mouth.
Damian: oooh my goodness, who is this sexy goddess he said snapping us out of our arguement as we looked to see who.
Ricky: blessed p—y he said imediate he found the girl coming out, in pink bikini, fair bright and well turned skin, as water dripped down her hot wet body.
Me: i looked to see what they were looking at, it was the lady looking for her ribbon at the hand ball peach, uhmmm i tried recalling her name, dera yes!!
Ricky: omg!! Shes heading this way. She grabbed her towels as she dried her hair and body with it. Wrapped it around her waist revealing her left legs. She walked like a hot supermodel who stood in front of audience.
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Dera: hi she waved with a smile as she walked passed us.
Damian: holy jesus!!! Were did she come from.
Ricky: hahah drool on bro she just smiled at me
Damian: that was me silly.
Me: hahhaha it was neither of you dudes.
Ricky: hahah seriously you think she was smiling at you??
Damian: tapping me on the shoulder dont worry son papa gonna take care of her.
Me: just smiled# wasnt gonna prove any point i sat back to watch.
She was sitting on her sand bed, rubbing a toning cream.
Damian: hello pretty
Dera: hi she said with a smile
Damian: am damian
dera: dera she said trying to apply the cream on her back.
Damian: smiling you need help, he said taking the cream from her giving her no chance to say no.
Dera: yes plsss she said with a smile as she laid with her back facing the sky. He applied the cream on his hand as he rubbed it gently on her back, her skin was so soft. He wasnt done feeling her, he had to stop.
Damian: done! He said grinning
Dera: thanks damian, she said smiling as she extended for a shake.
Damian: grabbed it gently and peck it softly, your welcome my lady. He said with his dirty smirk.
Well the outcome wasnt what i envisioned, i saw her snubbing him and damian making funny face, and i get to laugh. None of that happen.
Ricky: d–n it that rascal stole my game, i taught him that move!!!
Me: ladies man!!! Dont worry there’s a thousand and one hotter girls unhooked, deal with that.
Ricky: hahhaha and there is just one who’s gonna be everywhere you go, suck it up man he said grinning mischieviously.
Me: what did you say to her ricky
Ricky: haahha your gonna shoot me if i tell, have got to run first he said runing away.
Me: come back here , i said chasing after him
To be continued