Mr Perfect Episode 17


Not much happened this week aside the fact that i came across more advance programing language, which i had to devote extra time to study. I was often at my usual spot in the hand ball peach with my head set on as i tried new things. 
I was begining to make a rough draft of my plan, i was gonna set up a 3D game company, a huge one at that. School was really wonderful for me cause i was on a bottomless search for knowledge, i learnt something new everyday.
 I was so busy with what i was doing, i never saw damian. I rarely see ricky, its always been a hi hi for me and dera while mira on the other hand seems to know my every move all thanks to ricky, but thanks to the new lucas, i was a quick dodger.
Soon we wrote our exams and was of on vacation again. Pamela seemed to be the happiest person in the world to see us home. After dinner i walked to dad’s room, i knocked once and waited for response.
Milan: come in!
Me: i walked in slowly, as he showed me were to sit almost imediately.
Milan: yes luke what do you want.
Me: i know this might sound a little bit funny, i want to be hired as a part time programmer in mj and a brand promoter in styles.
Milan: with raised eye brows, hmmm i hope you know what you are asking for, it gonna be tasking.
Me: i know what am in for, am gonna have to do the job, no special privilege’s neccessary dad.
Milan: smiled# this idea is quite lame, but uhmm congratulations lucas you are hired, you resume work tomorrow.
Me: smiling thanks dad i said happily as i walked to my room. Yess!!!! I yelled to my self, in making my plans real, have come to realize i was gonna be having issues with funds, its time to start generating funds.
I woke up quite early this morning dressed in black tux white shirt and black ties, i was ready for work. I drove down to MJ first, i inspected the computer room here. Well there were supose to be alot of proffesionals but the server way slow. Well its quite tactical upgrading a system in network. I walked back to the reception and waited when dad walked in bossy way though he smiled at me obviously impressed, i quickly followed him. We got to the 2nd floor of the huge building, to a large office with over 5occupants each with his own desk, i saw an empty desk too, guess that’s mine, i smiled to my self. Everyone stood up to show respect as they greeted.
Milan: well lucas here is our new part time computer engineer/programmer. i know we only deal with chocolates, there’s not much work to do, but i want you guys to make him comfortable
Roger: we’d be at our best sire.
Milan: lucas meet me in my office by 12noon.
Me: yes…sire i said smiling a bit, as they all gave me hand shake one after the other, as we did some intro.
Louis: ok lucas that’s your seat over there, do have a wonderful day.
Me: and you too, on the table was a computer, i looked into the company’s profile first wooow thats alot of money i almost. First thing first the company website was really outdated, just because they deal on chocolate doesnt mean they should use vague stuff. I started with the site mantenance and upgrading, punching the keyboard. When a cute lady with short dark hair, looking smart in a well talked in black shirt and skirt,
lady: you care for a coffee she said handing over a red disposable cup of coffee over to me with a smile.
Me: oooh thanks i said with a smile, just what i need, am lucas part time programmer.
Rejoice: rejoice, welcome to MJ she said flashing her beautiful smile before leave