Mr Perfect Episode 15


​We both went insearch of it from seat to seat as we continued our discussion.
Me: i was getting tired already how did you even lose it?? I asked
Dera: after the game i found out its no more
Me: you really need to get a new one you know, i really dont think we can find this one.
Dera: sad face# thanks for helping lucas.
Me: uhmm whats the color??
Dera: its pink
Me: ok i guess thats goodbye
Dera: aint you leaving??
Me: smiles# not yet its still bright, i have more time to chill out.
Dera: smiles# ok then byeeee, she said as she left.
I exhaled finally she was gone, well she didnt seem like a stalker, uhmm that was a pretty bad timing, i got back to my mood.
seated in her office, looking smart in her cooperate wears, she still looked as beautiful as ever, the only difference is she was alot more matured now. She went through some documents on her desk, she resumed work a week ago. Now she was actively looking into the company’s profit account. She had scheduled business trips too, her dad has aged alot, and she was gonna be taking over fadden’s corp.
Today was swimming festival, usually a day where student partied by the pool side all day long. I slept quite late, i only saw tomorrow as a freeday and not some festival crap, although i knew about it, i never took note of the day. I felt like i would sleep for ever, just when i began to enjoy my sleep, i heard knocks on my door.
Me: aaaaarrrrggghhh i dragged my self to the door to dismis the person immediately, just when i opened the door i saw a blonde in red bikini’s
Girl: you must be lucas she said with a smile.
Me: uhmmm that depends on why am wanted, i said with a bit raised eye brows.
Girl: ok ricky asked me to give you this, she passed a paper to me. I opened and a few words was inscribed on it, snap out of it silly come to the seashore.
Me: thanks i said with a brief smile before going in and shutting the door behind me. I was really sleepy, and i really needed to go see for myself.
I showered, and was dressed in white men’s t-shirt, unbottoned designers shirt and a white short, got on a sunglass. Uhmm the dorm seemed so scanty, every one should be at seaside swimming. I got to the sandyshores, when my eyes found him in the midst of ladies, who he dismissed quickly on my arrival.
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Me: smile# i was having a good sleep and you ruined it.
Ricky: have got a sand bed for you he said winking. I quickly laid on it, the air from the sea was quite refreshing.
I laid there with my hands crossed behind my head, when damian came around.
Me: haahhhaha lemme guess a sexy blonde in red bikini lured you here.
Damian: he came shirtless, smiling back, 2 actually he said with a grinned as he laid next to me.
Ricky: martinez re-union in college so what have you guys been up to???
Damian: hahaha you dont wanna know trust me ricky
Me: same here man
Ricky; patmos beauties are really inexhaustible he said with a grin. Just then a ball fell on me, i picked it up as i scanned the whole area for the owner. When i saw mira walking towards me clad in bikini, well i didnt recognize her at first.
Mira: hello luke she said with a sexy smile.
To be continued