Mother’s Choice Episode 8


layed there on the bed thinking of how my life has been, imagine a well trained Doctor Australia, i had everything i need, dad a chief judge and a former senator in my senatorial district never let me lack anything, mum a Doctor who run her own hospital, she had branches in about four locations.

But one thing was my problem finding true love, talk of guys have met them right from my secondary school days, like Gabriel he was every girls dream, the guy was cute, handsome, tall and intelligent, well i didn’t actually crushed on him but he suddenly became close to me, one thing led to another we started dating, that was my ss2 first term, until i caught him cheating on me in our ss3, i broke up with him that instance although he kept apologizing but my mind was made up.

i then met sylvester in church one sunday few weeks after my WAEC examination, i felt for him, i gave him my heart, my pride on my will, he was in his year two at the university, he appeared innocent to me, we dated for six months, the day i went to his house to tell him that I’ll be traveling to Australia to study medicine i met the shock of my life, my dear sylvester was having sex with a girl he introduced to me as his cousin, i wish that day didn’t exist, i nearly committed suicide but thank God for the mother he gave me, she stood by me and cheer me up till i left the country, i wasn’t myself,l.

i vow not to have anything to do with guys or let the word LOVE come into any of my life aspect but i broke the rule when i met Mike, an Igbo, he was okay to be in a relationship with but he was a Prince and their tradition demand a prince must marry from their hometown, he clearly loves me and i felt loved too, i guess we were not meant to be by fate.

i cried for days, weeks and i didn’t concentrate for sometimes till i moved on but i and Mike remain only friends.

Till i was done with my studies i didn’t date again, Mike called me when he went back to his town, we talked for sometime before he brought up the topic HOPE YOU’RE NOW DATING? i tried to change the topic but he kept on the topic.

Me: Mike please let just talk about something else please

Mike: listen Mary, i didn’t know about that tradition untill dad called and let me know that it our tradition to come home and marry a princess from the neighboring village.

Me: i understand you Mike it not your fault, but i haven’t found true love yet again, when i find the right guy I’ll sure date or better still get married to him

Mike: will you sit back and wait for the Mr right?

Me: oh my goodness Mike! i should put a note board telling people that Boyfriend or Husband needed?

He chuckled then silence took place for a short time.

Mike: of course not, why not come down to Nigeria you may find him here.

Me: you think so?

He laughed softly 

Mike: maybe!

We talked on others things before he hang up the call, i heave sigh of frustration then an idea popped up in my head, i called my mum and told her my plan, she didn’t accept at first when i kept telling her the reason she reluctantly agreed to be part of the plan.

When i heard on the door i came out of my thought and pass life scenario 

Me: come in.

The door open and my mom walked in as beautiful as ever

Mom: see my baby!

i jump up from the bed and rushed to her hugging her tight.

Me: mum i really did miss you 

Mom: same with me, look at how grown you are now.

i giggle and sat down, She sat next to me and hold my hand, We talk for about many things on how I’m going to make it (the plan) work out without father knowing,

The plan was to work in any place as a maid or cleaner, that was absorb but i had no choice to find the MR RIGHT was what on my mind.

Mum stayed with me for few hours before she finally left promising to check up on me the next day, The next day being Wednesday mum came as promised, she took me out for lunch, on our way going back to the hotel i saw a notice board


i quickly type in one of the numbers attached to it, although i nearly missed the last one but thank God for the Taxi who made my mum step on the brake, we arrived, mum paid for another one week for me to stay till she got our planned apartment.

When mum left, i strolled out of the Hotel premises heading to a market in order to buy some cheap and low class dress for myself, i spend one hour and some minutes then return to my room.

i then called the number i copy from the board, it rang for two times before a lady picked up the call.

Lady: hello, good afternoon, you’re welcome to LADY MAY UNIVERSAL BOUTIQUE customers care representative, I’m Joy Umannah,
i exclaim wow silently then cleared my throat before speaking up.

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Me: thank you i’m Mary Jude, i saw a bill board today about a vacant in your boutique so i called to check if there’s is still any left.

i tried to make word sound local in order not to be noticed.

Joy: yes! There’s one vacant left and it’s the vacant for Cleaner.

Me: that will be fine by me, So?

Joy: you drop your application letter here tomorrow at No# 36 IBB way 

Me: okay thank you! 

Joy: you’re welcome

i hang up the call and start jumping up “the plan is kicking off earlier than I thought” i said while laying on the bed, i pick up my phone and call my mom.

Mom: hey your dad is back so you need to limit your rate of calling me okay?

Me: okay mum, i got a job although i still need to apply tomorrow.

i said excitedly mum chuckled.

Mom: okay then, as a Cleaner i guess?

Me: exactly mum. We talk a little before i hand up,

The day at LadyMay Boutique

When i drop the letter, i met the customer care lady, she was so nice, she wasn’t on duty, she took me around the big boutique from the first floor to the 4th floor, showing me different department and places, i came to realize that they have all humans wear, what i mean by that is, they had the Lady’s section which is the second floor, the men section the third floor and the children & kiddies section which happen to be the fourth floor.

When we were done with the tour, i left on my way out of the elevator, i dumped into a lady, light skin with an oval face.

Me: oh I’m so sorry i wasn’t looking my way.

She smiled and stretch her hand for a shake, i was confused instead of being mad at me she then offer her hand for a shake.

Lady: i’m Esther, it’s okay i didn’t equally watched out.

Me: it’s ok, I’m Mary.

Esther smiled widely and it amused me.

Esther: you bear the same name with my mum.

Me: really?

She smiled again, start walking into the elevator, when the elevator was about to close she wave at me, stood there for few seconds before heading back to the hotel to relax.


Mum wasn’t in the office, she went to inspect my brother’s site where they are building his firm, so she send me to the boutique to handle issues if any comes up till she arrived, 

My mum passion for fashion, made her open a small shop when my brother left for London, she managed it till when i told my brother about it, he send money to expand it, he kept sending money till the boutique LadyMay Universal Boutique came to existence, so when she called me that day to help her out although it wasn’t the first time I helped her out, i was just living the lecture hall when my mum called to inform me of going to the boutique to help her.

When i walked in i was trying to type some message for my friend(Riches) who we intended to go out together, i didn’t see that someone was coming out of the elevator, we dump into each other, she quickly apologize but i wasn’t angry instead i like her instantly (not the other way round o)
i found myself smiling at her which end up me telling her my name, she was confused to see me act that way.

i left her, when the elevator was about to close i waved at her “what a girl” i exclaim.

i went to my office and sat

To be continue