Mother’s Choice Episode 10


I called my mum the next year being 2013, i send money and my architectural building plan to her for her to start building.

i told her that as soon as the building is complete I’ll travel back to Nigeria, i knew it was going to be stressful for her so i send her enough money for machine and more workers to make the work easy.

Finally mum inform me that the building is set for installation of gadgets 

18th October 2014

i finally land in Nigerian embassy Lagos, i took another flight down to Margaret ekpo international airport Calabar where my mum, my sister, aunty Dora and aunty Maggie with Treasure waiting for me.

i roll my luggage toward where they stood with my name written on the cardboard paper, it was obvious that they couldn’t recognize me at first until i got close to them, my sister jump on me.

Esther: hey mummy see my big bro.

Everyone rush to me, pecking and hugging me.

Mum: you changed alot

i only smile nodding to what they were saying .

AuntyDora: let go home first .

And every one laughed, mum relocate to her main house, on getting there i smile and nodded on the way my mum built her house, so classic with good architecture.

Me: wow! What a nice building you have here mum .

Mum: you like it?

i only nodded in acknowledgement, 

Grandma: welcome home my son

Me: grandma, i really miss you mama.

Grandma: oh eyen mmi, abasi sosongho o nte emende eyen mmi oyong osok mi o (oh my child, thank you God for bringing back my child to me o).

Everyone: Amennnnnnnn 

My sister and Treasure arrange a small welcoming party for me, we drank and eat to our satisfaction, 

In the morning being Sunday, everyone prepare for Church *that is what i like about my grandmother, she doesn’t miss church for anything*

i came down to the sitting room, where grandma and aunty Maggie was sitting discussing on random topics.

Me: mama goodmorning, aunty goodmorning.

i greeted them, walk to the next Sofa and low my frame in.

AuntyMaggie: morning Jay.

Mama: eyen mmi eti didie? emeyiere! (my child how are you? Morning)

Me: i’m fine mama, where is my mother and………

i couldn’t complete my sentence when my mom walk in from the kitchen with a hand towel in her hand, “i didn’t know my mum is this beautiful” i said to myself smiling within.

Me; go-goodmorning Mum!

i stutter, mum smile and walk to me, she peck .

Mum: morning my son, How was your night?

Me: fine ma.

i replied in British accent.

Me: where is Esther?

Mum: she went out with Treasure to get what I don’t know

Esther: hey big bro!

We turn our attention to the door, Esther, Victoria and Treasure were smiling at us.

Mum: Victoria you didn’t.

Mum didn’t complete her word, Victoria landed on me making me lay back on the sofa 

Vicky: look at you Jerry, you’ve grown big and and and.

Esther: more handsome 

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Esther completed and we all burst out laughing.

Treasure: Abeg make una do i no wan late for church.

AuntyMaggie: will shut up, i warn you about using pigin when I’m around.

Mama: mbok kpong eyen mmi o (please leave my child alone o)

AuntyDora: who said pigin english is bad.

AuntyDora said from the staircase, she stopped on seeing her daughter 

Victoria: mummy!!!!!!!!

She yelled and ran to her, Esther laugh like she was going insane.

AuntyDora: Esther what did you do?

i watch as the display fun that mornning, when it was time to leave for church, i dress up and went down the stairs, i couldn’t see any of them i thought they left already, when i left the house, there they were, taking selfies.

Esther tap victoria, Victoria tap Treasure, they all turned their gaze on me, i thought what i wear was bad but they all exclaimed, WOOOOW.

Mama: i thought you won’t make it to church today.

Me: mama why won’t i? After a safe journey back from London?

My two aunt’s laugh and i chuckled.

Esther: hey big bro you’re driving us, i hope you can drive.

i only shrugged took the key from her as i smiled.

Esther: you like it?

i nodded and open the driver’s seat slid in, put the key in the ignition hole.

Me: are you guys set? Cause we’re about to take off fasten your seat belt.

They burst out laughing, my mum, grandma and my two aunt left in my mum Honda Jeep.

Me: Victoria where did you travelled

Victoria: i’m now working in Lagos so i came when Esther told me that you arrived yesterday.

Me: Esther the gist spreading machine.

Everyone laugh except my sister who feign anger,  she punch me.

Me: arhhhh, do you know I’m driving? 

We got to church, the service was wow, i really enjoyed it, when we got back, aunty Maggie went to her house same with auntydora.

Victoria who intend to return to Lagos the next day being monday, Treasure in the other hand went to her fiance place.

The rest of the day was fun-filled, my kid sis made it so **hey big bro I’m not a kid anymore**