Mother’s Choice Episode 9


Mrs Johnson POV 

When my son left for London, i missed him very much, his sister Esther made sure i smiled and cheerful.

i went to work one monday morning and my boss sent for me, on getting to his office, he gave me an envelope, i was curious to know what its in the content so i tore it open right there in his office and i felt my blood hot, tears escape my eyes .

Me: sir you cant do this to me.

He just pointed at the door for me to leave, up till now i don’t know what made him sack me just like that.

i came back home and cried to sleep, i didn’t know that victoria, Dorathy’s daughter came to visit, so Esther told her that i was sacked, 

Dorathy came the next day, i felt a little relief because she is good in cheering people up, that I knew from our university days.

Dora: you’re gonna sit here and cry like a teddy?

i chuckle.

Me: does teddy cry??

i ask her she laughed hard and gave me a friendly punch, i faked a groan, she laughed again but she stopped abruptly.

Dora: you’re a Degree holder in Business administrative, why not start a small business? 

i looked at her closely, that’s how i react when i hear or see something surprising that i haven’t heard or seen before or in a long time. She nodded seeing the expression on my face and my reaction.

Me: i think you’re right Dora.

i stared thoughtful into the space 

Me: what business do you think will be ok?

Dora: you like fashion! I’m thinking you should start a small shop where you deal on women outfit and accessories.

i gave her a puzzle look .

Me: you know that is huge.

Dora: i know someone who can help with the goods and when you’re done selling them you return the cash.

Me: where is he?

Dora: sorry not a he but a she, she’s in Lagos.

That was how i started the business with the help of Dorathy and my little saving, It been two years and we haven’t heard from Jerry, i was worried that something has happened to him, i kept praying that God should keep him alive for me, the first time i and Dorathy visited Lagos on the business i bought a small phone.

My shop start growing, my daughter Esther help in making it grow, when she return from school she’ll joined me there.

Till one fateful Saturday a foreign number called my phone, i was busy with a customer so i didn’t pick it at once, i pick it on the third beep.

Me: hello 

i heard a voice that was familiar to me even in my dream.

Jerry: mum is that you? 

Me: Jesus Jerry?

Esther who was attending to a customer ran in on hearing me yell Jerry’s name.

Esther: mummy is that Jerry? i didn’t hear her the first time so she repeated herself.

Me: yes! yes!! is your brother, how are you Jerry? How is London? When are you coming to Nigeria? Are you done with studies? 

Esther: easy mummy on him na.

i heard his sister said that but i wasn’t paying attention to her, I heard Jerry chuckled.

Jerry: i’m fine mum, how is grandma? And my sister? 

Me: your grandmother wasn’t fine since we didn’t hear from you but as soon as we get home i will tell her maybe she’ll be fine.

i laugh and Esther snatch the phone from me and started her own questions.

i went and apologize to the customer she left behind, i attend to her she later left.

i return to the call with Jerry, i told him how things was, my new business and he told me how things was too with him on his first year in school, and how he came out best and a company he was working for, as part time.

That was how we kept in contact for some months before.

He upgraded my business to a boutique this big and wonderful female, kids and male clothing and shoes also both male and female accessories.

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Two years later he sent a huge some of money and an architectural building plan for me to start building a big shop for me, still he didn’t visit Nigeria, he told me that white couldn’t let him go because of his level of intelligence and knowledge about computer and new technologies.

So the firm was set for installation of some gadgets, i didn’t have much time on my boutique, he told me he’s going to arrive Nigeria in three weeks time so i was too busy to put everything in place before he arrives.

When i went to the boutique the next day my secretary said i have an application letter, i just wave at her to drop it on the table,

i open the envelope and went through the letter then i called my secretary in through the intercom 

Me: Grace put a call to this lady tell her to come and start work on monday.

Grace: okay ma, I’ll do that now ma,
She left and i took my flat screen television remote to switch on the TV to watch what is going on in different section of the boutique.

i switch from one section to another till I lean on my desk and slept off.

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**Jerry’s POV**

Things wasn’t moving smoothly when i got to London in the first year i only focus on my studies which made my grade a course to make my lecturers smile at me.

The second year things started working out, one of the things was getting my own apartment, i kept thinking about my family especial my kid sister.

i didn’t know how to connect to them as i didn’t know how to get my aunt’s cellphone number, on the second year i met Samantha from USA, we became friends she made me go into a relationship with her, i tried to experience LOVE but it was difficult for me, she helped me with a Job in a company her uncle work, to fix fault in any computer or gadget.

The end of the second year i got my mum’s number through a friend who can trace anything in any part of the world.

When i called she was so happy to hear my voice, me on the other hand was excited, i thought the number wasn’t going to work but Peter assured me.

We talked for a long time, she told me of a business she start with my aunt’s(AuntyDora) and grandma’s help, i spoke to my sister, too, she sound funny than before, i asked of aunty Maggie and my Cousins

When i drop the call i thought it best i upgraded the business for my mum cause i was thinking of what I’ll be establishing for her, she made it easier, i told my friend Peter, he ask me to wait till the next year so we could get everything we need and ship them down to my mother.

Samantha succeeded in making me fell in love with her, i began planning a future with her, one fateful day she sent me a text asking me to meet her in a restaurant, on getting there her eyes were red, when she stood up and hugged me tight.

Sam: i’m sorry Jerry .

i became confused why she was apologizing on what i knew nothing about 

Me: it’s okay!

Sam:i have a fiance, I’m sorry our parent got us betrothed, he came back from Germany yesterday that was how i got to know.

i stared at her like a zombie for along time that she was calling my name but i didn’t hear her, she wave on my face before i regained myself, i didn’t know when tears escape my eye, she clean it off using her bare thumb and place a kiss on my lips

Me: is this a good bye kiss.

i asked her in a shaky voice, she hug me again.

Sam: i love you Jerry Johnson,
When she disengaged she gave me a credit card.

Me: i don’t need your money Samantha.

Sam: no Jerry use this for your mom’s business upgrading okay.

She kiss me again and left, i got home devastated, a message from her came to my phone containing the credit card pin, “why now that i start experiencing Love” i cried for days, thank God for Peter who cheer me up,
i later move on but it’s wasn’t easy, the third year came and toward the end of the year i send every thing both with goods for the upgrade of the business to my mother, she prayed for me for an hour and thirty minutes, grandma added her own but not long, 

The fourth year i graduate and went for another 1year extra training in computers and technologies producing company.

On the sixth year i start working on a software firm there in London that was how i start planning to set up my own computer empire in Nigeria 

To be continue