Mother’s Choice Episode 11


Mary Jude POV

Finally monday came, my mum called to know how I’m faring, i went to the restaurant area of the hotel to eat breakfast, Soon i was in a taxi heading to LadyMay Universal Boutique, to say i was nervous was an understatement, a whole Doctor Mary Jude working as a cleaning in a boutique, i know you’ll think i was crazy or insane, don’t look it that way!

You know sometimes what we passed through made us do weird things to avoid finding ourselves in another dilemma.

I arrive at the boutique at exactly 7:45AM, i didn’t want to be late to create an impression of being a good staff (LOL, good staff indeed)

When i walked in, i saw a lady who wore a T-shirt with the encryption CLEANER, i excuss her .

Me: hey good morning, I’m Mary a new worker, She stare from my head to my foot then she ask .

Lady: i’m Abigail, You’re the newly employed worker in cleaning department?

Me: yeah! yeah!! i mean yes! She smiled then gesture me to follow her, which i did.

We took the elevator to the fifth floor and we walked to an office, she knocked twice before a female voice order us to come in, we walked in.

Abby: goodmorning ma!

Me: goodmorning ma.

Woman: morning, are you Mary Jude? i nodd before i reply her.

Me: yes ma,

Woman: okay i assign you to work at the children/kiddies section.

Me: okay ma, thanks ma.

We got to the door and Abigail made to open, she called my name.

Woman: Miss Mary! i turned to her.

Me: yes ma?

Woman: won’t you ask of the pay? i mean how you’ll be paid.

Me: i didn’t think of it.

Woman: I’ll pay you N15,000 for the start then increase it as time goes on,  i shrugged, since it wasn’t about the money but finding happiness with the right man so i agreed without hesitation, when we were out of her office Abigail whispered in my hear.

Abby: that’s bad, we are being paid N20,000.

Me: that is still manageable.

Abby: yeah sure it is, come let go to the cleaners quarters so you can change to the uniform.

Me: wait where is Joy?

Abby: in her cubicle i guess or maybe off duty.

Me: okay!

We didn’t talk again till we arrived st the Cleaners quarters.

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i was in my room when mummy came in

Mum: wonderful morning to you my dear!

Me: morning mum,

Mum: How was your night? i hope you slept well, i smile at her, she walked up to me and sat next to me on my bed.

Me: it’s was okay mum, you’re set to go?

Mum: yes dear, your breakfast is in the kitchen so help yourself with it.

Me: where is my sister?

Mum: she has exams by 9:00 o’clock, that is why she left early, i know you will be bored so you can come over to the boutique later in the day.

Me: that will be great mum.

Mum: then I’m expecting you!

Me: sure mum.

She left, i watch her from my window upstairs as she hopped into her pathfinder Jeep and drove off, i smiled to myself and thank God for giving us her as a mother, i went downstairs to take my breakfast, i took it and sat on the table in the kitchen to eat it while chatting with my friend PETER on phone.

When i was done with breakfast, i went upstairs took a cool shower, dress in a casual wear and walked downstairs exiting the house, i didn’t have a car of my own yet so, i took a c*b to Grandma’s house, she was in the sitting room watching a program as usual, as if she doesn’t have anywhere to go or do.

Me: mama goodmorning.

Mama: morning eyen mmi (morning my child)

Me; mama why did you leave so early? She smiled and look toward the kitchen entrance then look back to me.

Mama: i left yesterday evening, my niece came in from Portharcourt that evening so i had to come back and host her, i curiously looked at the kitchen entrance but no one came out, when i was about to asked, she called out her niece

Mama: Mmaeyen! Mmaeyen!!

Mmaeyen: yes aunty

A lady came out in an apron, she’s tall, a little bit light skin, round face, i exclaim wow, i thought, she’ll be an old woman like grandma or so

Me: Aunty goodmorning

Auntymma: morning!) you are Jerry right? i nodded and smiled glance at grandma

Me: welcome Aunty……..

Auntymma: Veronica i laughed, she smile, she excuse her self and left for the Kitchen, we discussed and laugh, grandma told some olden days story about love, i ask her a question which started bothering me after she mentioned the word LOVE