Mother’s Choice Episode 12


Me: mama did those olden days people experience or felt love before they marry their spouse? She waited for sometime before she spoke up.

Mama: Love isn’t a craftwork or technology that was invented by humans, it a natural feeling one have to feel for somebody or something, i felt inlove with your grandpa he loves me too, even in our childlessness for years he didn’t stop loving me, where there’s love there’s Peace, Hope and Happiness because God is love.

I nodded and my mind flipped to Samantha when i eventually fell inlove with her, i experience happiness which made me believe and hope to have a family with her but, things turn around, i then felt Pains, Sadness and broken

Mama: Jerry what are you thinking that i have been calling you for some minutes and you didn’t answer me, i smiled at her and replied

Me: nothing mama, but mama what makes love fade away in a relationship or marriage?

Mama: it’s wasn’t love at first sight or maybe lust or some sort of unplanned event and it end you up in a marriage, you weren’t ready.

Me: unplanned event? Like how?

Mama: we’ll continue later, let go have lunch it 12PM already .

i didn’t stand up immediately, i kept staring into the space “Now it make sense to me” i thought to myself, Samantha was betrothed to some one I’m sure she doesn’t feel love for him, she was forced to marry him .

“Will i fall inlove again?”

“If we love each other will it make marriage between us work out?” i asked myself those questions then i shrugged off the thought of falling in love for now, i still had enough things to do,

I stood up and join grandma in the dinning area.


At LadyMay Boutique .

After i left grandma’s house i went straight to my mother’s boutique, as i promise to visit, when i arrived what i saw made me, Thank God for creating my mum and assigning her to be my mother, i stood outside the boutique premises and admire the nice outfit being displayed on the classes, i started walking slowly to the entrance of the boutique, a guy in sky blue T-shirt and black trouser walk up to me.

Guy: good afternoon sir, welcome to LadyMay Universal, i nodded and he led me inside the main building .

Guy: this way sir, We took the elevator to the male section .

Me: i want to see your boss, He looked at me for a while, we took the stairs to the fifth floor.

Guy: take your left you’ll see her office

Me: Ok thanks for your time.

Guy: you’re welcome sir

i walked away, on getting there i saw a lady typing on her laptop computer.

Me: hey good afternoon .

Lady: afternoon sir, are you Mr Jerry.?

She was grinning from ear to ear, i wasn’t surprised because it was obvious my mother may have inform her of my coming .

Me: yeah! Can i see your boss?

Lady: yeah sure, I’m Elizabeth.

She introduce without me asking her, i just smile and say what she expected to hear .

Me: wow nice name, see you later Lizzy.

i walked to the door and open, i could still feel her grinned

Mum: see this one, now you feel like reaching my office, i laughed out but not loud

Me: i’m not surprised mum,

Mum: did you go to your grandma’s place?

Me: yes that’s where i coming from and i met her niece.

Mum: oh Veronica.

Me: yes mum so?

A knock sound on her door interrupting us, she order the person in and it was a lady, average height, her physique oh my goodness, when she greeted us my heart missed a beat at the sound of her voice, an Angel was standing right beside me in a LayMay’s CLEANERS uniform

Lady: ma you sent for me? She bent her head, her voice was so calm

Mum: yes i did, mary what is wrong with you? If you cant do the job just quit okay, why didn’t you clean up the Shoes roles in the children/kiddes section?

Oh her name is even mary, i sat for a while before i realize that i have to intervene.

Me: mum it’s okay maybe she forgot, i saw her gave me a quick glance .

Mum: forgot what she is paid to do?

Me: it’s ok mum, Just then the door open Esther came in looking exhausted .

Me: hey sis, you look worn-out .

Esther: i’m d–n tired, good afternoon mum, good afternoon big bro .

Mary: good afternoon Esther.

Esther turn to who greeted her, her eye grew bigger in it socket

Esther: Mary you work here?

Mary: yeah today is my first day!

Esther: but you don’t look good in Cleaners uniform .

Mum: Esther!

Mum warn and i gave her a look, Mary bent her head although i didn’t see if she was crying or not.

Mum: Go back to duty mary.

Immediately Mary left i stared at my mum in angry eye .

Esther: Jerry are you sure this our mother?

Mum: shut Esty We exchanged glance with my sister

Me: mummy what is this for?

Esther storm out of the office angrily, mum cleared her throat .

Mum: Jerry let’s go have lunch! She is the one.

i became confused and anxious, my caring and kind hearted mother turn into something else overnight? i asked myself the question i didn’t bother thinking about the last statement she made “SHE IS THE ONE”

Mum: aren’t you coming for lunch?

Me: no mum i ate my lunch at grandma’s house

She nodded and left while i stood up to go search for mary, i asked around for mary since she wasn’t in the children/kiddies section but no one seems to know her, since she was a new staff i gave up on searching for her, i walked out of the boutique heading home, i saw my sister sitting on a chair under a shade where her car and mum parked, i walk up to her, there she was (Mary) crying and Esther was consoling her, i took her hand made her stand up from her squatting position, i didn’t know what push me and i hugged her, what i felt inside of me was something i didn’t want to stop .

Me: i’m sorry for what my mum said to you.

She sniffed and look up to me for the first time, oh my goodness, my heart melt like i just saw an angel, i wanted to kiss her not minding my sister but someone cleared her throat and we disengage i looked back and saw my mum staring at us with an expressionless face .

Mum: your first day here and you are seducing my son .

Esther: oh mum please just stop all this.

Me: she did nothing wrong mum I’m the one who hugged her .

Mum: really? Will you get back to your duty!

i angrily left to a hotel and book myself a room for a week.