Mother’s Choice Episode 13



i was so tire when i return to my hotel room, my mind went back to what happened at the boutique, frowned my face, but i smile when the thought of Jerry came into my mind, i didn’t feel anything for him, he was so calm and nice in his mother’s office but when he hugged me i felt butterflies in my Tommy, i didn’t want to let go but i was concious of my environment, his mother came and said what i regret hugging Jerry.

“Mary what is wrong with you?” i asked myself aloud, it’s was obvious that i’m feeling something beyond crush, yeah i called crush, i decided to discuss it with Mike my ex now friend. Mum later came in the evening

Mom: my Princess how are you? How was your day!

Me: bad, i mean hectic and stressful.

Mum smile and sat next to me putting my head on her laps while caressing my hair, i smiled when Jerry came into my mind

Mom: hey enough of day dreaming let’s go out and receive some fresh air.

i raised an eye brow at my mum, she laughed heartedly

Mom: don’t worry you can tell mummy anything okay She chuckled and i smiled, i wonder if she has magical powers to read my mind .

Me: tell you what again? i feigned ignorant of what she was talking about but i wasn’t too sure of the feeling yet so i didn’t want to let my mum know yet .

We left the hotel to a nice restaurant in the city mainland, we sat down and made our orders

Mum: care to tell me how was your first day as a cleaner? i looked around for some seconds before i sigh escape my lips

Me: it’s wasn’t that bad although my senior boss is mean .

She smiled as if she knew that would happened, i careless because mum like smiling a lot even in situation worth frowning, she’ll still be smiling.

Me: you like smiling a lot mum, how do you manage to do that even in aweful situations?

Mum: that’s my secrete my Princess.

The waitress arrived with our order half way to the meal, my eye traveled to a table at my far left, there was Jerry with a lady discussing and laughing, i looked closely to confirm that the lady is not Esther his sister, i felt pain inside but why did i feel pain? we weren’t an item(dating),

Mum: Mary what is it? Do you know him? Who is he?

Me: mum please can we leave here now?

Mum stare at me for a while then beckon on the waitress to settle the bills, we drove out of the restaurant, i thought mum is taking me to the hotel, She drove to a not so busy street with nice buildings, she park in front of a Green gate, she ask me to follow her which i did, when we move inside the vicinity, mum walked to one of the door remove a key from her hand bag and unlock the door, The inside was nicely arrange with a nice painting, door & window blind and the cushion were already great, i stare around for some minutes .

Me: is this my new apartment?

Mum: exactly, now I’ll take you back to the hotel to get your things and return here, i smiled for the first time since we left the restaurant .

Mum: from here to LadyMay Universal Boutique is 10minute drive, i chuckled at the way she said LayMay’s boutique, we drove back to the hotel, pick my luggage and sign at the reception then left to my new apartment .

Jerry’s POV …..

Mum was unbelievable i became angry with her, i left the house before she could return from her office, i book a room at a very unique Hotel, later in the day, Treasure called me to hang out with me, i hesitate for a while before i gave in, She picked me up at a street near the hotel i lodged, she drove to crunchies were we sat down,

My eye saw a lady who look like Mary then i wave it off, i concluded that people look alike a lot and she was with a woman not just a woman but a wealthy woman at that, so i concentrate with Treasure who was talking and I didn’t hear her .

Minutes later they left, i didn’t get to see her face clearly my mind was far away from where i was, i kept thinking about the hug i share with Mary, it was still feeling as if it just happened, It’s something that i didn’t feel before not even when i was dating Samantha, i wanted to asked Treasure how to know if one is in love but i decide against it, i didn’t want to draw any attention to my personal life yet.

The hang out didn’t go well as she expected because i was so down not on Mary’s thought but why my kind hearted mother became mean to others.

Treasure dropped me at our Gate and drove off, i took a taxi back to my hotel room, i saw 32 missed calls from My mother, sister, auntydora and Grandma, i didn’t remember to carry my phone, i sigh and drop the phone back on the bed, took my towel to go take a shower.

A week later my empire gadgets and computers arrived from London along with engineers who will install everything and set everything in place, that was when my mother saw me that Tuesday morning as she was in charge.

Mum: Jerry what happened to you? Where have you been?

Me: nothing happened to me mum! i replied with a straight face, she came close to me.

Mum: is it about that girl mary? Is she the one who changed you in a twinkle of an eye?

Me: mum leave her out of this please, i reply trying not to sound rude.

Mum: can i explain this to you later? i stared at her for a long time before I nod and we walk together to inspect how the installation is been done

MRS Johnson POV

Jerry left home because of my game just to see why a lady of such beauty and that status choose to apply as a cleaner in the boutique, she looked rich and no matter how she dress something told me that she may need help so i had to test her to confirm my suspicious, my children thought that i became something else unknown to them i was trying to help somebody but in the process i saw something in my son’s eye, when he look at her eyes i decide to add more tempo on the test section by embarrassing her, she didn’t make any attempt in talking back at me, She left the office, i intentionally invite Jerry for lunch to see his reaction on the way i treat Mary, yeah he display the anger i expected, i didn’t know my own son can be upset to the extend of leaving house to where i didn’t know, when i tried calling him, is ether he was busy or ignore the calls, Esther wouldn’t talk to me but that wasn’t my problem because she apologize when she realized that it was just a game plan, i felt bad and i made my mind to let him know my actions were all plans.

When my contractor called me the following week monday evening to be precise informing me of my son Computer and Gadget arrival and engineers who will install the gadgets that was why i knew that my son was really mad at me.

The next morning instead of going to my office at the boutique i drove to Jerry’s computer site, i saw him. Talking to one white man, immediately he saw me he excuse himself and walk to Me, i ask him what happened to him, that wasn’t the best question cause i saw he was fine although he sounds rude when he replied me, i didn’t bother, i told him I’ll explain to him later, he stared at me for a long time then nod, we walked together to see how the white men connect and install those gadgets.


i was so angry with my mum for treating Mary that way, even how she spoke to her when my brother Jerry hugged her.

Talk about that those two hugged more than the normal duration the hug Supposed to last, it was adorable watching them like that, and i conclude “Fit each other” When my brother left the house that same day i tried calling him but he wasn’t picking up his calls, i became worried and angry, I slept late that night because I couldn’t reach him on phone, the next morning he called me around 7: 45AM, we talked about how mum changed and what could have made her change over night, Neither of us knows why she changed so we decide to let her be in her new found character, he (Jerry) ask me a question i expected .

Jerry: how long have you known Mary? i smiled .

Me: is it what I’m thinking? He chuckle and the feigned anger .

Jerry: what ever you are thinking doesn’t concerned me, just answer my question little sister.

Me: you call me little? Then forget i’m not telling you anything Big brother.

He laughed and threatened to beat me if i don’t answer his question .

Me: i met her last week at the boutique maybe that was when she came to apply, i heard him inhale then breath down.

Jerry: do you know where she live?

Me: nopes but i’ll find out today.

Jerry: okay .

i smile inwardly that my brother is in love with the same girl i developed a liking for, he hang up the call “Wow it gonna be sweet” i yell on the bed standing up to go take a shower, i arrived mum’s boutique later in the afternoon, i walked into my mum’s office, she was on a phone call but she dropped it as soon as she saw me, She smiled widely but i kept a straight face .

Mum: my only adorable daughter, don’t be mad at mummy.

Me: i didn’t come here to smile with you, i came to ask why you changed overnight.

Mum smiled which was making me run out of patients .

Mum: i’m still your mother why will i change?

Me: you change from being that kind hearted, loving and caring to everyone but why do you hate Mary?

She laughed softly then pick a file and flipping through it, i gaze at her before she look up to meet My gaze.

Mum: i don’t hate anyone Esther, can you excuse me i have somethings to do? i stood up and walked out banging her door hard, i took the stairs to the kiddies section and found Mary cleaning up a passage.

Me: hey mary!

Mary: good afternoon ma, i glance back to confirm i’m not the one she was referring to as ma.

Mary: ma can i do anything for you? She ask me again politely

Me: Mary, stop all this act, what’s your problem? i finally yell at her, she looked, i grab her hands and drag her to the elevator heading outside to the parking lot.