Mother’s choice Episode 14


She still kept her face down till we were inside my car, i put the key in the ignition hole about to turn on and she hold my hand.

Mary: where are we going? i don’t want to lose my job please, i stare at her and saw a determination in her eye, determination that no matter what she’ll pass through she’ll still endure.

Me: why do you choose to do this, are there not others place to work than to be humiliated here all in the name of keeping a stupid job?

Mary: I’ll be fine Esty . She smiled and i hugged her

Me: please see me as a friend and not your boss, can we be friends?

Mary: yeah sure.

Me: I’ll like to know where you live mary! She pause for sometime then let go of the door handle and turn to me slowly

Mary: you can’t possibly come to my house because because because.

Me: because what mary! Ok i get it i won’t come okay so forget.

Mary: it’s not like that OK fine I’ll take you to my house this weekend, i smiled wildly then we alight the car and walk back inside.

A week and two days later, i was sitting outside under a flower tree chatting on my phone that evening, a car horn outside the gate, i thought is one of our cousins or aunties our,

Gate keeper rush and open the gate, BMW drove in and park next to my mum’s car then my brother alight, i rush on him and hugged him.

Me: bro i missed you!

Jerry: i didn’t miss you o, infact i was free from your troubles, i laugh and tried to hit him but he dodged running inside, i beckon on our.

Gate keeper to come check if there was any luggage inside the car boot, i joined him inside where my mum was sitting flipping through some fashion magazine.


i decide to go back home after i met with mum at my computer firm but i didn’t return the same day, i was still contemplating, i pack my belongings in my back pack, keep it on the drawer till the next day, but something came up and i didn’t return in the morning as planned, i had to go in the evening, i bought myself a car (BMW) the same day on my way going to the firm, i drove in, Esther was busy with her phone, immediately she saw the car isn’t familiar to her she drop her phone staring intently at my car, everything got worse when i alighted, she nearly push me down.

Esther: bro i missed you.

Me: i didn’t miss you o, infact i was free from your troubles.

She laughed and tried to hit me but i dodge running inside, we met our mother with a fashion magazine, i greeted her politely and she smiled, i pinch Esther when she eyed her, she yell.

Esther: that hurt bro.

Me: Humm sorry kid sis.

She smile and face mum.

Esther: mummy please don’t chase my brother away again o .

Me: you haven’t change a bit .

Mum: don’t mind her, I’ll buy cane for you when i visit the market.

Esther: haba mummy I’m a grown up girl na, very soon I’ll get married.

Mum looked at her and hiss while smiling.

Mum: sit down my dear don’t mind that big head.

Esther touch her hair then we all laugh, i miss seeing my sister and mum laugh, i made up my mind to let mary go in order to keep my family intact.

Mum: you’ll go upstairs take a shower then you come down for dinner, i nodded, pick up my back pack the gateman drop for me in the centre table, heading upstairs i heard my sister whisper to my mum and she chuckled, i shrugged and continue to my room, i finished taking my bath, change into a simple wear going downstairs for dinner, not that i was famished just want to eat home made food.

Halfway to the dinner mum cleared her throat to gain our attention, we looked up to her waiting to hear what she has to say.

Mum: my children, you may think that I change, She started and i adjust on my seat, Esther drop her fork and spoon glance at my direction.

Mum: why I’m being harsh on mary is because she looks like she’s from a rich home. She pause putting me in a confused state, when i glance at my sister she wore the same confused state on her facial expression

Mum: i wasn’t interested in employing another worker but when i went through her CV something compelled me to order for her employment .

Esther: so mum you mean you are faking this hatred on Mary? Mum nodded and started eating slowly on her plate, we waited for some minutes before she stop, she rose to her feet heading to the sitting room, i joined her immediately not wanting to leave any information behind.

Me: mum tell me something please.

Mum: i know you’re in love with her, so I’ll increase my fake hatred on her

Me: but why? She may quite the job.

Mum: i don’t think so, we have to device a plan to know who she is and why she choose to work as a cleaner in a boutique.

Esther: what plan? My sister ask immediately she stepped into the sitting room.

Mum: asked her out then I’ll act like am against the relationship okay and I’ll use your cousin Treasure as the girl i want for u while mary will still remain her real friend.

Me: sounds brilliant but why are you doing this? She kept silent for some minutes before she smiled.

Mum: this is modern days where parent don’t need to make a choice of spouse to their children but in this case i guess i need to choice because you seem afriad of something i know nothing about, My mum’s words reminded me of Samantha who i fell for and she inturn was betrothed to some one who she didn’t know.

Esther: please mum don’t let it go over board, i nearly laugh on the way she kept her face when she pass the warning to mum.

Mum: se nnye mia fi ooo (see i’ll beat you ooo)

Esther: sorry mum but I’m not a kid ooo.

We all laugh to her dry joke, we watch movie till it was bed time so we retire to our various rooms .

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The next day 12:30PM .

The day was going on smoothly, the installation was still in progress, i kept walking around the building till I was exhausted, i thought of going for lunch. i drove to chicken republic to have my lunch, i put the car on halt turn to another lane heading to my mother’s boutique to pick Mary so we could have the lunch together, i got there in no time, i met a lady on the same cleaners uniform, i excused her .

Me: good afternoon

Lady: good afternoon sir, how may I help you sir, i smiled warmly at her she blush.

Me: please is Mary the newly employed cleaner on duty? She pause for awhile then she replied with a smile.

Lady: yes sir she is at the kiddies section on the fourth floor, She explained as if i wasn’t aware, i thank her and walked away to the elevator heading to the fourth floor, On opening the door i saw her(Mary) from a distance dusting the wrist watch showcase, i asked my self “Is this plan not going to be too hard on this lady” i shrugged and walked to where she was dusting and lean on the showcase, she didn’t lift her head up because she had earphone on ear, when she saw my shadow she was startled.

Me: sorry i didn’t mean to sneak up on you . She stare at me like she lost her sense.

Me: are you okay? She nodded trying to move away from me, i was bitter because it seems my presence was useless to her.

Me: Mary are you avoiding me? Look i’m sorry on the way mum is treating you okay.

Mary: sir seriously i’m not upset with you or your mother, if i am i wouldn’t be here still working, is just that i’m on duty, i need to finish up on time, i stared at her for sometime then walk away in rejection, i lost apitite instantly, i walk into my mum’s office with a sad expression