Mother’s Choice Episode 15


Mum was with a woman probably in her age, i greeted and sat down on a couch in her office, waiting for their meeting to end, a message from my friend PETER came in on whatsapp .

Pete: hey dude.

Me; hey.

Pete: how is Nigeria?

Me: not bad.

Pete: the installation, how is it going?

Me: going fine and should be down before the need of next week .

Pete: okay, I’ll be in Nigeria when you’ll be lunching the firm.

Me: really? i send a smiling emoji to him.

Pete: yeah i won’t miss it so keep everything in place for my arrival.

Me: sure things .

We later end the chat with GREAT FRIEND ever, my mode brighten as i was smiling, i forgot about Mary for the moment, when the woman stood up to leave she stared at me then glance at my mum.

Woman: handsome man! How are you? i smiled and adjust on the couch.

Mum: oh Nkoyo meet my son Jerry, She gave my mum a perplexed look and return her gaze to me.

Woman: Jerry? Oh so sorry how are you?

Me: i’m fine ma, She smiled and walk out of the office, mum heaved a sigh and lean backward on her swivel chair.

Me: hi mum.

Mum: Jerry you suppose to be at the firm.

Me: yeah i was there! i pause remembering what brought me there to the boutique, mum smile.

Mum: you came to see her isn’t it? i bent my head down with the thought of how she rejected me without hearing what i was about to say l.

Me: yes mum! But mum please don’t give her much work.

Mum chuckled and drew close to me and whisper.

Mum: giving her much work isn’t part of the plan, she choose to over work herself, I’m just to fake a hatred on her and be Mean to her, i nodd to myself, mary wanted to create a good impression for herself and to please my mum her boss but the question was why was she doing that?

Me: thank you mum.

Mum: for what? making a choice for you? She laughed and i couldn’t help, i laughed so my mode brighten, she pass me a file containing some paper documents.

Me: mum what is this?

Mum: why not go through it, i kept mute started reading it then i realize my mum built a Hotel in her name and my sister’s name to M&E Hotel and suite, i turn around to her and hug her.

Me: mum I’m proud of you.

Mum: and I’m happy to have you as a son.

Me: thank you mum.

Esther: what are you mother and son celebrating? We turn to see Esther and Mary standing on the door way, with Esther on the left while Mary on the right she was staring at me .

Mum and i burst into laughter, she walk up to us and glance around looking for a clue of what is making us happy.

Me: look here big head.

Esther: eh? Me big head? she pounce on me hitting me where she feels will be painful but it was like a baby touching me.

Mum: hey you, what’re you doing here? Are you not supposed to be on duty?

Esther: mum!!! Esther yell and Mary ran out.

Me: mum i pray this works out she’s been humiliated.

Mum: i know just a little time.

Esther: sorry mum i had to yell.

Mum: you don’t need to apologize, remember you are her real friend so you have the right to yell okay, She nod then turn to me.

Esther: big bro, what was the cause of your jubilation? i point at the same document, she picked with a little hesitation, half way into the document she screamed and jumped up like a two years old child who just receive candies from uncles or aunt, Before i knew it she was sitting on my mum’s laps pecking her, i shook my head and murmur “what a crazy sister”

Esther: i heard that big bro. We burst into another round of laughter.

Me: when is the opening party?

Mum: on your wedding eve, i laugh hard, Esther only chuckle, she herself smiled.

Me: are you kidding me?

Mum: nopes!

Esther: what if it’s in the next 5years? She asked and i twist her ears, she groan and murmur “still that troublesome brother”

Mum: it just next year, you know this year is already ending! i quitely walked out to the kiddies section to searched for Her (Mary) there she was sitting with the lady i met when i came in, they stood up when they saw me approaching them, i beckon on them to sit down they reluctantly did .

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Me: hey .

Both: good afternoon sir.

They chorus, avoiding eye contact with me.

Me: i know your friend name but i don’t know yours, i said referring to the lady.

Lady: oh sorry sir i’m Abigail, i nod and left to go get a chair before i return, Abigail left leaving Mary there.

Me: where is she?

Mary: she got a call from mrs may your mother, i knew that mum is watching us from her office, that is why she called Abigail to give us time, before i knew she stood up.

Mary: excuse me sir, i need to go now.

Me: Mary stop avoiding me .

She paused on her track, i took that opportunity and grab her hand dragging her outside to the parking lot.

Mary: seriously sir i don’t like the way you are pulling me, your mother can come out now, do you know what that mean? I’ll get a scold, i felt bad which made me tighten my grip on her, she let out a small groan

Me: sorry! I’m sorry mary, I’m not always like this. She looked away avoiding my gaze.

Me: i’m not going to say this to please you but to make you know how and what i feel for you since the last time we huge, i love you mary.

She yank her hand off me and stared into my eye before she made to walk away, i pulled her back and kiss her fully on her lips, she struggled to free herself but i hold her tight, she relaxed and kiss me back then i let go of her “Pooaaaarrrhhhh” a slap land on my chick, she slap me and walked inside, i touch my cheek, it hurt but what makes me feel good was the kiss, i was so down i thought she’ll be easy to get because my love for her made me think it going to be easy, i didn’t go inside again, i hopped into my car and drove to a cool off.

MARY’S POV (The next day saturday)

We the cleaners close by 3:30PM, i was waiting for Abigail in our changing room, i took out my phone that i do hide and see mum’s message

“MY PRINCESS I DROP SOME FOOD ITEMS THERE FOR YOU” i put the phone back and smiled

Abby: why are you smiling to yourself? i look at the direction of which was and replied her

Me: i’m remembering my mum care.

Abby: is she late? i kept quiet for a while.

Me: nopes, let start going okay.

Abby: sometime your accent is like Britain accent, i shrugged and lied to her.

Me: that is how my tongue is?

Esther: nopes that’s not how your tongue is!

We turn to the entrance, Esther was standing with her lap top back smiling at us.

Esther: c’mmon i’m going with you to your house today, remember you promised to take me there last week? i glance at Abigail she nod for me to go.

Esther: hey come, you are going with us too.

Abigail stare at me for any approval, i just grab her hand and pulled her along, she giggle,

Soon we were in Esther’s car heading to my apartment, i thought of what I’ll tell them so that my secret won’t blow up, i shrugged off,

“I’ll will do it my own way” i conclude in my mind.

Esther was trying to make the drive lifely by making the conversation lengthy, we got to the gate i live .

Me: Esty pull over here let me go in and open the gate She obeyed and put the car to a halt infront of the gate, i heard Abby asked .

Abby: what are we doing here Mary? i pretend not to hear her and make my way inside the gate, i open it and beckon on Esther to drive in, she hesitate before she drove in and parked, then they alight.

Esther: you live here?

Me: yes i stay here with my aunt

Abby: your aunt but you didn’t mention to me that….

Me: sorry i didn’t.

Esther: is your aunt inside?

Me: Nopes she isn’t around, she travelled to the village last week They both nod, i led them in and wow escape from abby.

Me: welcome babes, My accent betrayed me again, i tried to conceal it with our accent which i couldn’t remember the last time i use that language, the two Girl laughed at my childish manner, i couldn’t help but join them in the laughter.

Esther: who is this your aunty she, may be rich because here doesn’t looked like someone who is poor can afford the rent “Oh God help me out” i said in my mind, i told my mum i need a small one apartment and she went ahead and rented a self-contained apartment, God don’t let this implicate me.

Me: see I’m like a maid here when she’s around but she catered for me since my mum ran to another country, i hate myself that moment for saying such nefarious word against my mum.