Mother’s Choice Episode 16


i murmur silently “mum I’m sorry” tears ran down my cheek, Esther rush to me and hugged me tight, i felt guilt because she being an emotional person thought that i was shedding tears because of my fake mean aunt but i shed the tears because in my quest to find true love i lied and said lot of aweful words.

Abby: it’s okay, now i understand.

Esther: why she kept enduring my mum maltreatment toward her, Esther completed abigail’s sentence which she didn’t want to, i thank God that things turn out fine without them suspecting any false play around.

We all went to the kitchen to prepare dinner after some minutes, dinner was ready and we started eating.

As we were eating silence took over only the sound from our spoon could be heard, then i heard someone asked a question but i didn’t pay attention not untill Abigail tap me.

Esther : do you like, as in, love my brother? Abigail grinned wildly, i narrowed my brow on her, she didn’t even looked up when she asked the question.

Me: nopes i don’t like him! i said and walked to the kitchen to get more for myself.

Abigail: ma she’s smiling to herself, i heard her yelled, “Oh God i’m doomed with this girls” i said to myself smiling.

Esther : which ma are you referring to? Esther ask Abigail as i step into the room.

Abigail: you!

Esther: please drop that ma and call my name, ehhe i said it that you have feelings for my brother, She said and drop her plate on the floor laughing hard.

Me: stop naw Esty,

Esther: my brother is falling for you o.

Me: i know, i replied sarcastically

Abby: you know? i nodd my head like a two years old child being warn by his or her mother

Me: he confess to me yesterday then forcefully kiss me and and and.

Esther: and you did what? i glance at Abigail she had a curious expression on her face.

Me: i kiss him back.

Esther jump up screaming on top of her voice “yes yes yes”

Abby: so is true eh?

Me: but i slapped him after the kiss.

Esther/Abby: what??? i looked away, seriously i didn’t intentionally slap him, i was only protecting my pride and dignity. Esther stared at me like i suddenly grown wings.

The next she did was to pick her bag and left, tears start finding their way down my cheeks.

Abby: it’s okay you did the right thing, i looked at her, she nod to me and hug me

Me: Abby i love Jerry, since I set my eye on him i fell in love with him.

Abby: it okay, I’m sure he’ll come back for you.

Me: you think so?

Abby: yeah! She consoled and cheer me up, about 7:40pm.

Abigail left to her house, i became alone once again, i couldn’t sleep that night, i was crying till morning.


i woke up the next morning being Sunday i felt a headache and i groaned, i manage to stand on my feet, Soon the banging on my head subsided and i decended the stairs to the living room, i heard sound from the kitchen i decide to check

“Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew big head” i said and made to walk back to the sitting room.

Esther: me big head? Thank God your wife’s head is big too i turn to her.

Me: which wife?

Esther: the one who slapped you on Friday.

She laughed and asked amidst laughter.

Esther: big bro did it hurt? i chuckled and move close to her.

Me: let me slap you from there you’ll find out if it hurt.

She ran out although i didn’t have any intentions of slapping her, i lean on a stool in the kitchen and reminisce on the kiss and the slap “I’ll get her, i love u” i said audibly and made my way to my room to prepare for church.

Esther’s Pov.

i was so angry with Mary for slapping my brother that Saturday that when i drove home i didn’t bother saying any words to mum, i just passed her, Mum came into my room to know what was wrong with me but i told her that i was tired, she shrugged and left i sat on my bed and fumed in anger “what if she did that to protect her pride and dignity? Remember your brother forcefully kiss her” a voice in my head echo and “were you there? She said she kiss him back” i shook myself and walked to the bathroom to soak my self “Mary loves Jerry” i said audibly to myself before i sank into the bathtub


i was in the kitchen washing and drying dish “Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew mum should get a maid, gush i’m tired of all this” i hissed, Jerry came in to the kitchen he hiss “Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew big head” He thought i didn’t hear him.

Me: me big head? Thank God your wife’s head is big too.

He turn back facing me.

Jerry: which wife?

Me: the one who slapped you on Friday, i laugh out loud and asked him amidst laughter,

Me: big bro did it hurt? He chuckle and move close to me.

Jerry: let me slap you from there you’ll find out if it hurt, i ran out while laughing.

After church service that sunday we were eating our lunch along with aunty Maggie and Treasure, mum brought up Mary’s issue.

Mum: sister there’s this girl working in my boutique, she look like she’s from a rich home but why she choose to work in that boutique is what i don’t understand, My aunty stared at my mum and blink twice.

AuntyMaggie: i’m sure you don’t have enemies.

Mum: why will i have?

AuntyMaggie: then maybe she is having a problem in her family, Mum looked at her sister closely.

Mum: i guess you’re right and Jerry is in love with her,

Jerry: mummy??? Jerry yelled giving mum a funny stare.

Mum: relax Jerry, boy remember Treasure is in this game.

Treasure: me??? Mum nod AuntyMaggie adjust in her chair,

Mum: yeah this is it, Mum explain everything to her sister and niece who we plan to use, she was excited to be in the game, Jerry sat quietly watching us till we retire to the sitting room to continue.

MRS Johnson POV .

Jerry came to my office looking depress, i need no soothsayer to tell me that Mary has totally occupied his heart, i tried and made him cheer up by using my hotel which I was building along with his firm, his mode lit up, he was so happy until Esther and Mary came in i had no choice than to keep playing the game i had, She left not long and Jerry left too,  i knew he was going in search of her, he found her with Abigail one of my cleaner, i saw on the flat screen TV in my office through the CCTV camera, i called Abigail to my office when i noticed that Jerry want to go get a chair, They later left there with Jerry holding her hand, she was being pulled by Jerry heading to the elevator that was Friday.

Sunday came so fast, me and my children went to church, there we met my mother and her niece Veronica, we exchanged pleasantries before we left for home, Later that afternoon my sister and her daughter came in, i was so happy that I’ll use that medium to discuss the plan with Treasure and where she is needed, i can’t afford using someone else then end up being a problem to my son, When i narrated everything to my sister she just shrugged and touched her daughter which mean she is in support, i was so happy at least our plans were moving smoothly Jerry,

Treasure and Esther left me and my sister Margaret in the sitting room and walked out in the name of they want to chilled out, immediately they left my sister asked me.

Maggie: do you think that will work.

Me: i guess it will work.

Maggie: yak ofon o (let it work o)

Me: mbong akam mmbo yak ofon eyen eka mi (i pray it should work oh my sister) We discussed in Efik till my sister left to her house, i had to go up to my room.

Jerry POV.

Sitting in that sitting room with those old ladies didn’t make sense so we decide to go somewhere in town to chill out, We hopped into my car and drove off to the Tinapa resort.

Esther: but bro are you gonna give up on Mary?

Me: nopes!

Treasure: to be mean with my fellow girl especially when she is not a bad person sometimes get me emotional.

Esther: me too.