Mother’s Choice Episode 17


i stare at the two ladies pouring out their heart it prompted me to smile.

Treasure: but try my best in acting well.

We had fun but someone who looks like Mary in a tight plane jeans trouser and flay top walk to us, i wasn’t sure until she got to our table then i was sure the person was Mary and not a resemblance like that of Crunchies.

Mary: hey.

She said smiling.

Esther: babe have a seat! She draw a chair for her to sit on.

Treasure: hey girl.

Mary: hi, She tried to avoid my eye .

Me: Mary! How are you?

Mary: i’m fine! She reply taking a glance at my direction.

Esther: i’m sorry for how i left yesterday.

Mary: it’s okay Esty, i understand okay. She smiled at esther.

Treasure: baby can we checked some where we can have privacy? Treasure said referring to me, i gave her a look telling her game on.

Me: please Treasure not now.

Treasure: Jerry I’m not comfortable here and i demand we leave.

Esther: what’s wrong with you Tee?

Treasure: Esther please stay out of this! i took a side glance at Mary she was staring at me.

Esther: Mary lets leave here, i don’t know why mum want my brother to marry that rude and arrogant btch, Mary and Esther stood up and left .

Me: wow that was a good one.

Treasure: oh i pity the innocent girl but why are you doing this?

Me: mum’s idea oh but i see sense in it, Treasure nod and pick her bag.

Treasure: mummy’s boy is time to go. She smile and started walking to the parking lot, i followed suite, i was thinking how Mary will feel about the little drama we just displayed till i drop Treasure off in her apartment,

Mary’s Pov .

Sometimes the things we thought is the right thing to do makes us look like a fool and irresponsible, That was how i saw myself when i accept to hangout with Esther that evening, i didn’t have any where to go so i was laying on my bed that evening chatting with Mike my Ex now friend, when Esther call came into my small phone, i wonder why she is calling after the way she left the previous day, i didn’t picked up, it rang and ended by itself, 30minute later a message appear

“I’M SORRY MARY FOR LEAVING LIKE THAT YESTERDAY, PLS CAN YOU MEET ME AT TINAPA?” i drop the phone after i read the message lay back for some minutes before i lazily stood up to go shower before going to were she(esther) is, i type a message back to her before i entered the bathroom

“OK I’M COMING, HOPE YOUR BROTHER ISN’T THERE?”  i came in from the bathroom to the room she drop a message

“NOPES HE ISN’T HERE” i rob my lotion went to my closet to select what to wear, i settled with a tight faded jeans trouser and s pink flay top and a pink wallet and sandals to match, i check myself and smiled satisfied.

When i entered where Esther directed me i saw Esther and her brother with a lady although the lady was backing my direction, i all of a sudden became uncomfortable with how i dress, i summoned courage and walked up to them

Me: hey, i said smiling in all i could.

Esther: babe have a seat She draw a seat for me to be sitting on.

Lady: hey girl.

Me: hi, i tried to avoid Jerry’s stared he aske me .

Jerry: Mary! How are you doing?

Me: i’m fine, i simply reply him and glance at him.

Esther: i’m sorry for the way i left yesterday.

Me: it’s okay Esty, i understand okay.

i smiled at Esther but what i heard from the lady i later found out is Treasure broke my heart that i instantly became dumb.

Treasure:: baby can we checked some where we can have privacy? Jerry replied her in a calm way which made me glance at him.

Jerry:please Treasure not now.

Treasure: Jerry I’m not comfortable here and i demand we leave.

Esther: what’s wrong with you Tee? i sat there watching the drama, the guy that just confess that he loves me is with someone else just in a period of 2days, we couldn’t try one more time, i kept staring at him with teary eye, unfortunately he didn’t glance at my direction which confirm that it true.

Treasure: Esther please stay out of this! She warned Esther.

Esther: Mary let leave here, i don’t know why mum want my brother to marry that rude and arrogant btch.

Esther took my hands and we left to another place still in the resort, all Esther was saying i either reply with “hmmmm” or i nod, she tried to explained to me that her mother choose Treasure for her brother, i didn’t want to know all i want was to go home and clear my head which didn’t take long before we left, i took a taxi home while Esther did same

MONDAY @LadyMay Boutique

Time: 2:01pm As usual i was in the kiddies and children section when a woman walked in with a twins (girls) being curious children they want to explore the section while their mother was busy picking up clothes for them, One of them saw me sitting in a stool next to the changing room, she walked up to me slowly, she thought i didn’t see her because i was feigning seriousness with my phone, when she was few inch away from me “tarrrrrh baby” she giggle and tried running back, it was too late i got hold of her

Girl: let go of me. She laughed like she knows me before.

Me: hey calm down, what’s your name? i release her turning her to face me.

Girl: my is Jane.

Me: wow nice name! How old are you?

Jane: just 5years old, and you, what is your name and how old are you? i smiled on the level of intelligent the girl was

Me: i’m miss Mary, and I’m 23 years old

Jane: wow nice name, can we be friends?

Me: yes darling we are friends already!

Jane: including my twin.

Me: you’re twins? A lady replied and chuckled.

Lady: yeah they’re twins, troublesome twins

Joy: mummy you like calling us that.

Jane: yes aunty Mary, mum like referring to us as troublesome twins, i laughed hard while the mother kept watching them smiling.

Lady: i’m Jessica.

Me: nice name, I’m…. She interrupt me.

Jessica: mary i smiled, the twin looked toward the exiting direction i followed their gaze and found Jerry standing while staring at us.

Jessica: your fiance i guess? i glance at her before i return my gaze back to his direction. he was standing beside me holding the twins hands smiling down at them. I had goosebumps, swallowing hard.

Jerry: yeah she’s my fiance.

Me: what? Are you okay sir? Jessica chuckled and drop a paper in my hand then took the twin and left, he didn’t reply instead he took a plastic chair and sat on.

Jerry: i’m not a peste please don’t see me as one.

Me: but sir you are! i became angry with his presence, something i always feel like staying all day with him, although i wasn’t sure if the feelings left completely.

Jerry: i’m in love with you Mary, look at me. say you don’t feel the same for me, i looked away avoiding his eyes, oh my goodness i nearly grab him and kiss him, he took my hand and use the other free hand to turn my face toward his direction, i stared at him as he started coming closer few inche for our lips to meeting again, i pulled away swing his hand off mine,

Me: you want to toy with my emotions, use me then leave me with heart break, sir please you should be contented with your fiance Treasure,

He didn’t move or say anything, he just bow his head downward, i heard someone footsteps coming to our direction.

Treasure: here he is! Jerry i looked for you everywhere, She looked at me then narrowed her gaze on me, i stood still waiting for any insult so i can retaliate.

Treasure: you again? What are your intentions with my fiance? hanging around my fiance?

Me: then you should warn your fiance to stay off me.

Jerry: it’s ok Treasure let go, He stood up and walked out, Treasure smiled at me then walk out, my phone rang my boss called “i’m in for this today” i made my way to her office, i bumped into a guy, a light skin with an oval face.

Me: oops sorry i quickly apologize, he stared at me closely.

Guy: you look familiar have we met before?

Me: no sorry i have to go, i walked out.