Mother’s Choice Episode 18


i could still feel his gaze on me, i prayed silently that he shouldn’t be someone who knows my dad if not my plan would be ruined, i knocked on my Boss office after I made enquiry from Rita her secretary, she order me in.

Me: ma you called me?

LadyMay: yes! Who gave you the audacity to talk back on my son fiance?

Me: i’m sorry ma it’s won’t repeat itself again, i simply apologize to make it easy, instead she came to where i stood and hold my hand,

LadyMay: the next time you try that again i’ll make sure you have a taste of jail, i just stare at her, Esther came in that instance,

Me: then i have to resign God won’t let me die of hunger, i saw her mouth open ajar, but i didn’t mean what i said.

Esther: what? No no no Mary don’t resign okay, mum!!!

LadyMay: who cares if she resign or not, What i saw in her eye was confusing, i saw mixture of fear and regret.

Me: i have to go now ma, i bow my head while leaving, she stared at me till i was out of sight.

Esther’s POV.

i was in my office when Treasure came in, she didn’t smile so i asked her.

Me: what is it Tee?

Tee: i saw Jerry with Mary i know your mum saw us!

Me: ehhe? Is that why you frowned your face?

Tee: i tried to keep up the game, she talked back at me, i know your mom will definitely sent for her, it made sense to me, i excuse Treasure and walked out heading to my mother’s office, true to Tee’s word there was Mary standing, i heard her said she will resign.

Me: what? No no no Mary don’t resign okay, mum!!!

Mum replied but she wasn’t stable with her word, she spoke like someone who regret doing something.

Mum: who cares if she resign or not.

Mary: i have to go now ma.

When mary closed the door i heave a sigh and sat on the couch in her office.

Me: mum that was close, She kept quiet staring at nothing exactly.

Me: Hmmm mum Jerry would just hang himself if Mary resign although i know where she live.

Mum looked at me .

Mum: really?

Me: yeah.

Mum: then why not tell your brother then the game kick on in full, i thought for awhile and i saw the idea is a good one.

Jerry POV.

I was set for MARY’S apartment that evening, my sister suggest i pay her a visit maybe i could win her heart fully, i drove to the address she (Esther) gave me, The address was confusing, i shrugged and walked in since there was no body like a gate keeper, i walked to the iron protector door and knock lightly as described by Esther, i heard “i’m coming in a British accent” i nearly conclude that i have succeeded in knocking on another’s person residence.

The door open, she step out to the varenda folding her arms in her chest.

Mary: Mr Jerry what can I do for you?

Me: at least open this! i pointed at the iron bugglery door, she hesitate before she open up.

Me: thank you, She didn’t respond instead she locked the door and walked in, i didn’t have any choice than to follow suit,

Me: you have a nice apartment here.

Mary: my aunt’s apartment not mine okay, i nod then focus my gaze on her, she threw her face sideway, i took that opportunity and sat next to her in the double sitter couch , i hold her hand she didn’t resist or move.

Me: Mary i know you won’t believe me but just carry it in mind that i love you, i’ll do anything to protect you from now henceforth, i will have to stand up and choose who i want to be with, She turn slowly to face me, i smiled at her, she smiled back.

Mary: Jerry i love you too but it’s can’t work between us, we’re from two different world.

Me: who cares if you’re poor and who even told you that you are poor? Listen Mary, my love for you isn’t about status of any kind okay,

Mary: what about Treasure? i smiled at her.

Me: she is fine where she is now, She punch me playfully.

Mary: c’mmon that’s not what i mean! How will you cope with her possessive manner, i don’t want to visit the hospital anytime soon, i chuckled then squeezed her hand lightly.

Me: I’ll do everything to make sure you’re protected okay, She nodded and i pulled her in a tight hug.

Me: i love you baby.

Mary: since i met you i fell inlove with you, i smiled amidst then peck her fore head.

Me: let go somewhere and chill off.

Mary: nopes i have to go to bed early, you know i have a job to catch up with, i drag her up and pulled her to her wardrobe to select something for her to wear while i wait outside, she came out, i didn’t recognize .

I kept staring at her mouth ajar, she wave on my face.

Mary: are we still going or you’ll stand here and be staring at me?

Me: sorry ma!

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We drove to a very serene restaurant in the heart of the city, i hold her hand when we alight the car heading inside, We made our orders as we ate our meal, i kept stealing a glance at her, each time i did that she would caught me and smiled.

Me: mind to tell me about yourself?

Mary: very soon you’ll know more about me but I’m Mary Jude, i chuckled at her way of response!

Me: what about previous relationship?

Mary: gush Jerry till then okay, i nodded like a little child receiving instructions from an elderly person.

We continue with our meal till we were done, i took her to see a movie, she was all smiling which gave me Joy and happiness, the movie later ended in some minutes, i drove her home, she opened her door about to go in, she rush back to me and kiss me on the lip, She disengage and bade me good night, i drove home a happy man

“Esther i owe you alot” i scream in the car .

MRS Johnson POV

It’s been two days Mary didn’t report to work, i knew she has finally resign, on the third day evening Jerry came down from his room, i wonder where he was heading to because he returned from his firm that afternoon, i couldn’t help but asked him .

Me: where are you off to?

Jerry: to see her, i mean Mary .

Me: really?

Jerry: yeah, i smiled at him.

Me: just don’t pissed her off.

Jerry: naaaa, you know I’m not an a—–e, He pecked me and exist the house, i prayed for her to give him a listening ear after that we kick on the final game or test, i kept imagining me with grandkids just like my mother, then i smiled, i wasn’t aware that Esther was decending the stairs.

Esther: mum why are you smiling to yourself? Care to share with me?

Me: Hmmmm my daughter, i draw her close to me and hug while stroking her hair.

Esther: mummy what is this? You are scaring me ooo.

Me: don’t be scared my dear, it’s about your brother, She disengage and sat straight.

Esther: what about him?

Me: i’m praying Mary should accept his proposal, Esther laughed and hug me tight.

Esther: even if she doesn’t i’ll personally see to that, We watched movies together, till it was 7:38pm Jerry wasn’t back, i shrugged maybe he is with her, what i fear was that she may reject him and he decide to go elsewhere eventually got into trouble.

8:19pm, he drove in before we said jack the door flung open he walked in grinning like a 2years old child who just receive candies from the mother.

Jerry: Esty i owe you one.

He scream lifting his sister from the couch.

Esther: which shopping.

Jerry: just that? Esther nodd i laughed out loud, it’s was so good watching my children being happy.

Jerry POV.

The next morning i woke up early took a shower dress up in my best, i looked charming, i took my car keys and head down stairs.

Esther: wow bro you look more hansome, i guess you’re going to meet her?

Me: oh not again, She giggle and walked close to me.

Esther: at least take some breakfast bro.

Me: later kid sister, tell mum am off to the firm, i dash out without hearing another word from her, i drove straight to Mary’s apartment, on getting there i knocked twice, she came out on her nightwear, she smiled while unlocking the padlock, she hugged me tight.

Me: morning babe.

Mary: goodmorning dear, how was ya night?

Me: not that fine, i wish you were there in bed with me!

Mary: really? She drag me inside.

Mary: breakfast is almost ready.

Me: wow that means I’m not going to the firm with hunger.

She chuckled and set the meal on the small centre table.

Mary: please you have to manage this, i didn’t reply her instead i started eating after i said some prayers.

Me: so you resigned just like that?

Mary: i didn’t resign i’m going to work today, i lift my face to see her smile at me, i wonder who she is that still have the courage to still go back to the boutique.

Mary: can you drive me there before you head to the firm?

Me: sure! But becareful please, She went and took her bath came in to dress, i wanted to go outside so she can feel comfortable in dressing.

Mary: are you a man at all? i didn’t reply, i just walk out smiling to myself, she came out some seconds later in one of her #not classic dress# i felt the urge to ask her why she is wearing those saggy dress but i stay mute remembering that my sister request i take her for shopping, she’ll tag along, i drove to the boutique, i park my car at the VIP parking lot, she step down, i did same too then turn to her.

Me: will i get a kiss.

Mary: no not here, Jerry, your mom maybe in her office watching us as usual, i chuckled and hold her and planted a soft passionate kiss on her lips.