Mother’s Choice Episode 19


Mary’s POV

After the little drama with Treasure, we sat down with one of the attendant in the section gisting, although Abigail didn’t talk much as she was staring at Me untill Jerry and his sister came.

Abigail and the attendent start shivering when they came in, i only smile up at Jerry who gave alittle smile and kiss me, i kiss him back but i was still concious of the environment so i had to break the kiss.

Jerry: let’s go somewhere

Me: i’m still on duty let’s make it in the evening.

Jerry: nopes i mean now, i glance at Esther who was smiling at me.

Me: fine, but we’re not staying long.

Jerry: sure.

He chuckle and held my hand like a prince holding his princess hand to help her up, that only made me had butterflies in stomach.

We took the elevator to the women section, i knew what he wanted to do but i pretend not to know, When we got there he gave my hand to Esther,

Jerry: Esty love please take my Princess around here, what she like just pick it with you girls, I’ll sit here and wait for you ladies.

To say i was scared is an understatement, because their mum wasn’t someone to mess with, judging with her attitude and actions, we walked into the inner part of the section from shoes to gown and sexy clothes rolls, most of the clothes there i had them already in Australia so i just picked the ones i didn’t have and when we were done picking out we went to the changing room to try them out, The ones i picked fitted me completely, when I come out to show Jerry, he’ll just say “wow”

We shopped for some hours before we knew it was closing time. Jerry offer to drive me home, on our way he took the car to another lane heading elsewhere.

Me: where are we going to?

Jerry: to my grandmother’s place at 8miles.

Me: grandmother? i asked with unbelievable stare, he nodd not taking his eye off the road.

Me: but you didn’t tell you have a grandmother, is it the matanal or patanal?

Jerry: my mum’s mother, matanal, He then smiled at me, i fake a frown.

Jerry: hey don’t do that it doesn’t suit you baby.

Me: i know it doesn’t. He chuckle and took a turn into a street.


The first dress she wore was changing her into a more beautiful woman that i couldn’t believe she was the one i kept saying “Wow” each time she came to show me the dress she picked.

Esther: big bro are you okay, i nodd.

Me: yeah I’m fine, They burst out laughing, i couldn’t help but to smile because I was acting like a child.

Abigail: sir Jerry you are making people stared at you awkwardly, i ignore her comment and walked up to Mary.

Me: baby you are so beautiful, She blush and i kiss her cheek, she giggle, when we left the boutique it’s was closing time already. i took her to the car we drove out, she wasn’t aware that i’m taking her to my grandma’s place, when i took another lane that was when the question and answer sections began.

Mary: where are we going to?

Me: to my grandmother’s place at 8miles.

Mary: grandmother? She asked i only nodd without taking my eyes of the road.

Mary: but you didn’t tell me you have a grandmother, is it the matanal or patanal?

Me: my mum’s mother, matanal i then turn to her and smiled she fake a frown in return, i tease her.

Me:hey don’t do that it doesn’t suit you baby.

Mary: i know it doesn’t, i chuckled and turn the car to my grandma’s street, i drove a little then horn on the gate, Auntymma came and open the gate for me to drive in

Auntymma: Jerry how are you? She asked giving me a questioning look, i smiled back at her before answering her.

Me: i’m fine aunty Vero, is mama in the house?

Auntymma: yes she’s around, i took Mary’s hand, she looked tense up, i squeeze it softly and smiled at her. We got to the sitting room, Auntymma excuse herself to go informed mama, on a normal day i would have go straight to her room and wake her if at all she was asleep but because of Mary look like she’s gonna faint if i leave her for a second (Lol).

Grandma came out, obviously she was asleep

Mama: Jerry eyen mmi, ettie didie? (Jerry my child how are you?)

Me: fine mama i glance at Mary.

Mary: mama good evening She greeted trying to sound local which i notice.

Mama: evening my child, how are you?

Mary: i’m fine ma, Mama nodded and return her attention to me.

Mama: eka fo ye eyen eka fo? (where is your mother and you sister?)

Me: mama they’re in the house by now.

Mama: who is she? She then said in english referring to Mary.

Me: mama meet Mary the woman I want to marry, Mary meet my grandmother.

Before i finished introducing them mama was smiling, her next action amazed me, she beckon on Mary, she stood up and walked to my grandmother, She(mama) embrace her and while saying something like “Welcome my daughter” When she disengage the question and answer section began.

Mama: where are you from?

Mary: akpap okoyong in odukpani L.G.A Mama adjust in her seat and look closely at her.

Mama: i’m from okurikang same Odukpani. Mary just smile obviously she didn’t know what to say,

Mama: welcome my daughter, Jerry choosed wisely, i chuckled and shaking my head.

Auntymma: Dinner is ready, let go and eat, The sitting room door open, my sister came in she was all smiling.

Esther: orh mama the gist i came with is already here itself.

Mama: Obong awane(queen) how’re you?

Esther: so Mary Jerry brought you here? Mama I’m fine ooo.

She went and hugged my grandmother, whispering something into her ear which made her smile.

Mary: Esther i guess you drop Abigail off?

Esther : yeah on my way coming here, She smiled and we all head to the dinning Table, ate and in silence only grandma keep talking at intervals asking series of questions, We later left grandma’s house, i drop Mary at her apartment, she request i passed the night at her apartment but i discline because i may force to do what i shouldn’t do.


It’s was my mum birthday, she choose to celebrate it at home with family members, friends and staff from LadyMay Universal Boutique, i put a call through to Mary, she picked at second beep.

Me: hello my Angel.

Mary: Ima mi (my love) how’re you?

Me: fine! you can speak efik?

Mary: Hmmm ya, how was your night?

Me: full of your smile, She chuckled

Me: today is mu……!

Mary: i just receive a text message so I’m aware.

Me: Ok then I’ll come picked you when it time.

Mary: okay dear, i love you.

Me: love you more, i hang up the call and proceed to the bathroom to shower before heading to the firm, My computer software firm was set but haven’t dedicated when to launch it yet, so i didn’t have much to do there, i just to go there, walked around, those securing and cleaning the place was at work effectively, i went with Mary about twice on lunch break, she kept telling me I’ll be scold if she’s not in her duty post, if only she knew that mum wickedness has vanish toward her .

5pm same day i drove to Mary’s apartment where she was waiting for me, she dress in shinny gown like a goddess, when she saw me she became nervous, i soothe her because i knew what made her nervous, we left her apartment, on our way she ask me a question i didn’t take serious .

Mary: baby if you find out something about me will you still love me?

Me: c’mmon babe it’s your past i guess! She shook her head.

Mary: no is not my pass, is who i am! i threw a curious look at her then focus on the road again.

Me: mind to tell me now?

Mary: after mum birthday party I’ll tell you everything, i nodded unsatisfied on the suspense she put me on.

We arrived home everywhere was beginning to filled with people, some i have seen before and some i haven’t seen before, i turn and help her out, she look tense up, We walk into the sitting room consisting of my family members, the first person her eye land on was my mum, i smiled.


i was actually tense up in the sight of Jerry’s mum but what would be her reaction seeing me with her son, but we’re adult why can’t she let us be, i sermon courage and walked from the sitting room door to the couch, i bent my knee in greeting everyone but when i got to Jerry’s mum, she held me, my heart miss a beat, her next action surprised me, She hugged me and whisper into my ear welcome my daughter, i open my mouth but no words came out, of course i had nothing to say, She made space for me to sit in the same couch with her, i lurk my eye with Jerry for a clue of what is going on, Just then i heard footsteps on the staircase behind me, i drag my neck around to see Treasure, Esther with another lady decending, i guess they didn’t know i was the one sitting with mum untill they finally got to where we sat.

Esther: oh my Godddd! Mary you’re here? Wow welcome babe, She hugged me, everyone who was busy discussing what ever turn their attention to us.

Treasure: welcome May, She came close and hugged me too, i didn’t feel comfortable with her,

Esther: meet Victoria my cousin, big sis meet Mary, Jerry’s fiance, She said it and giggled while Victoria whiper welcome inlaw.