Mother’s Choice Episode 20


feeling uncomfortable with the sudden change on some people like JERRY’S mum and Treasure his ex, Soon the party kicked on with the massive sitting room filled up after the celebrant cut the cake, those i didn’t expect to see show up,


My love was so uncomfortable with the way she was being given a warm welcome by my mum and Treasure who she believed was my fiance or Girlfriend, She’ll stared at me confusely but i’ll be smiling assuring her that every thing is fine,

When the party start every where was croudy and everyone was busy either dancing, eating or drinking, Mum didn’t let Mary out of her sight for one second so i had no choice than to go stay with her just to be close to her, Sometimes I’ll whisper to her ear she’ll also whisper back, i suceeded in calming her and she will sometimes giggle to my word that was funny.

Where we sat in the same couch with mum anyone who comes in through the main door will easily see us and we too see them, As people coming in and out, a couple came in their outfit shows that money isn’t a problem to them, suddenly Mary start shifting uncomfortable on the couch, When the couple approached us (although mum in particular) i heard the man yelled.

Man: Mary? Woman called her name in a low tone.

Woman: Mary?

Mary: Dad! Mum! I—i-i’m, She trailed of as she didn’t know what to say, the man turn to my mother.

Man: how do you know my daughter?

Mum: is Mary your daughter? My mum answered his question with another question, i was just watching the drama with great interest, everyone including my two aunt and my cousins put the party onhold watching the drama too l.

Mary kept staring at her feet, i stood up and move closer to her and held her hand.

Man: meet me at home after this party, She nodded and looked at her mum who gave her assurance smile.

Man: Happy birthday Mrs John, Mum smiled and replied,

Mum : thanks Mr Paul.

Mrs Paul: happy birthday.

Mum: thanks,

They took a glass of drink and left after some minutes.

After the party, i didn’t want to see or talk with any body so i left to the pool side, “why did she hide this from me?” that was the question i asked myself immediately i sat putting my bare foot in the water not after taking off my shoes “Does she really love me?” i asked myself another question without answering the previous one, it’s was getting cold and dark, the guest left already remaining few family members.

I was still in my thought when i felt a hand encircled around me in hug, i didn’t turn cos i knew it no other person but Mary.

Mary: let me explain this Jerry, i inhale deeply and touch her hand turn her to face me, i plant a soft passionate kiss on her lips, when we broke the kiss i smiled at her.

Mary: i’m a Doctor, i studied medicine abroad, in Australia to be precise, i guess you know my parent already.

Me: why did you create fake identity for yourself? She chuckled and looked awaym

Mary: as the only child of Mr Paul Jude, i have everything that money can buy, what i couldn’t get was true love, i mean a man who is ready to love me for who i am and not for my money and wealth, She looked straight into my eyes then look back to the pool.

Mary: i met three different guys who kept playing with my emotions, i vow not to have any thing doing with guys again but i didn’t keep to my vow when i met Michael an igbo, we fell inlove with each other until he got a call from his parent that he should come home, that’s when i knew he’s a Prince, She looked at me then return her gaze to the pool before she continues.

Mary: when he broke the news to me i was so down, i cried for days i couldn’t eat, we return to just causal friends, he urge me to let go of my past so that I can find the right guy who will love me, i smiled at her then lift her cheek and kiss her lips, she kiss back, i withdrew after some seconds.

Me: then?

Mary: i device this childish plan, is childish right? i only smiled.

Mary: i called my mum who got my back, she rented that apartment for me when i came back to Nigeria, i saw a notice board for cleaner vacancy in your mother’s boutique, i called and was told to apply, i applied the next day, the day i saw you i fell inlove with you but i had to restrained myself from ruining my plans, She said that and chuckled,

Me: i’m here for you baby l.

Mary: i know, I’ll go through punishment for your sake if need be! i smiled and hug her, she disengage and stared into my eyes.

Mary: why is your mom and Ex fiance attitude towards me changed over night?

Me: let’s go inside, the answer to the question is inside, i stood up help her up too, we walked in where mum, Auntymma, auntymargrete, Treasure, Grandma and Victoria were gisting and laughing, when they saw us walked in the laughter subsided and replace with beautiful grin.

Grandma: eyeyen mmi di tie mi ye ami! (my grandchild come and sit here with me) Mum gesture for Mary to come sit with her, she walked up to her and sat inbetween, Treasure and mum while i go sit with grandma.

Mum: Mary, sorry for the way i treated you, Mum began adjusting on the couch,

Mum: the way i treated you wasn’t intensional, it was all a plan to know who you really was because i looked so different then, no matter now you tried to suppass it with low and selected dress,

Treasure: i’m sorry too, i liked you instantly when i saw you but i was involved in the plan too, to act like Jerry’s fiance, Mary kept glancing from me to mum to Treasure, it was obvious that she was short of words.

Mum: i choose you for my son who eventually found love in the process.

Esther: that means you’re my MOTHER’S CHOICE.

Everyone laughed including mary which made Esther stop decending the stairs.

Esther: why is my word found funny? Everyone laughed again, she angrily walked to an empty couch and sat, we even laughed more, Mary stood up and sat with her, she smiled and pout her mouth toward us,

Esther: in fact you are SISTER’S CHOICE.

We laughed again, We talked about other thinks before we retire to our rooms, with Mary to my own room.

to be continue