Mother’s Choice Episode 7


Monday 8th October 2006, 7:39AM

i drag my luggage out to the sitting room where everyone was waiting for me to come out, i was surprised to see AuntyMaggie and her children present, i wonder when they came in.

Immediately my mother saw me coming she burst into tears,my sister join her, i and aunty Maggie console them.

Mama: Jerry di tongho erong mi (Jerry come and kneel down).

Grandma point at a spot in the middle of the sitting room, i went and knelt there, she stood up came closer.

She started praying in Efik language and everyone kept chanting amen when necessary, at the concluding part she said something that made my mind up to study hard and become more in life.

Mama: Jerry where your father and mother didn’t reached you will get there and beyond, no man’s evil plans shall manifest in your life not even me here if i had or have any, you shall go and return with joy and bring good things to this family.

Everyone: Amennnnnnnn

Mama: go in peace and come back in peace, She took my hands and spit saliva into them, i squeeze my face in disgust but gain a glare from mum who was watching me instead of closing her eye.

Mama: with the saliva in my mouth i declare you bless.

Everyone: Amennnnn

She left to her seat then i made to stand up but mum held me down, starting her own section of prayers, she pour blessing upon blessings to me, same with others including my sister and cousins.

i finally left with Kelvin, Esther, Treasure and victoria who drove us to the Margaret ekpo international airport.

When my flight was announced they bade me good bye, My sister was busy shedding tears, she came and hugged me

Esther: I’ll miss you big bro

Me: me too baby

i went and enter the Plane waiting the take off, that’s was how i left Nigeria for a long time .

Esther POV.

We didn’t leave immediately my brother entered the plane, i insist we wait till his flight take off before, they (Kelvin, Treasure and Victoria) didn’t argue they sat till the plane started moving and vanished into the sky.

We left the airport, Victoria took us back to the house where mum was still sniffing, i went and sat next to her and keep patting her shoulder, i promise myself not to cry again and be there for my mother, she need me now more than ever since Jerry is not around.

Victoria later drove my aunty and my cousins home promising to check up on me the next after lectures, i only nodded cos i was too tired to talk.

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MRS Johnson POV 

When the children left to go drop Jerry my son at the airport, i broke into another tears, my sister came closer and place her hand on my shoulder.

Maggie: it’s okay Mary, I’m sure he’ll be fine and make it.

Mummy: mmofiok eye oro o, eyen oro eyene ifiok (i know that one o, that child is brilliant).

i only sobbed till the children came back and told us that his flight left before they exit the airport premises.

3 weeks later

i met Dorathy my husband’s junior, sister we discussed like old times friends we are, she told me about that my husband, i know you still wonder why i still call him my husband because we didn’t officially divorce, my husband impregnated his secretary that was why he started acting that way which ended up throwing me and my children out of the house.

Me: so how is the new wife now and the child? 

i ask sipping my drink, Dorathy chuckle and wave his left hand on me.

Dorathy: which child is that? According to my sources she had miscarriage three consecutive times till date she hasn’t take in.

i felt bad for her, i didn’t know why i felt that way.

Me: it’s ok so how have you been? Why did you disappear just like that?

Dorathy: you mean Jerry didn’t tell you anything? 

i smile and shook my head at the way she react, Jerry i know doesn’t talk about people life or story unnecessarily.

Me: nopes, I’m not surprised he doesn’t like talking about others story or personal life 

Dorathy smile and nodd

Dorathy: what a wonderful boy.

She narrated her life when she elope to where the love of her life was,
We chat and chat till there was nothing to talk about, i left promising to visit her at home when i have time, she drove me home and drove back

8 years later
Mary Edward PoV 

“The atmosphere here in Nigeria is so natural” i exclaim when i step out of the plane

“Now where do i go from here?” i ask myself, i started dragging my luggage to a Taxi,

Me: me to a nice hotel around okay?
i said to the Taxi driver, in my Britain accent

“Oucch i need to work on my English in order to make my plans work effectively” i said in my mind

Few minutes we were in a hotel around the south east of the city, i paid the cab man then walk into the reception with my luggage,

i booked a room in the Governor’s suit for a week, when i got there i dropped on the bed thinking how the plans will go,

“i need to call my mum” i said to myself, i took my phone and put a call to mom.

Me: hello mum!

Mum: my baby is in the country.
She exclaim as soon as she heard my voice.

Me: mum bring your voice down dad can hear you.

i caution she laughed lightly.

Mum: well he isn’t around, so which hotel are u?

Me: Tarooni Hotel!

Mum: I’m coming right away.
She Hang up and i sigh in relief

To be continue