Mother’s Choice Episode 6


The rest of the days wasn’t that bad as i was spending most of my time arranging and preparing for my departure on monday, Saturday came i inform my mum and grandma that we’ll be visiting AuntyDora, grandma wasn’t that Comfortable but had no choice not without warning us to make sure we don’t go beyond AuntyDora’s place.

After we finished our morning routine and was set to go mum gave us transport fare.

Mum: Jerry take care of your sister

Esther; ha mummy I’m i a kid?

Jerry: of course you are, kid sister 

Mum smile, Esther pinch me, we left to Diamond Hill where our aunty lived, on getting there i knocked for some seconds before Victoria opened.

Vickky: hey mummy is Jerry ooo

She yell and left the door ajar for us to step in while she ran to go inform her mum

AuntyDora: look who we have here

Esther: goodmorning afternoon Aunty

AuntyDora: afternoon dear, how’re you? 

Esther: fine ma

All those time aunty Dora was asking Esther her well being, Victoria was busy giving me thumb up, i only smile and shook my head “corrupt mind” i murmur to myself 

Me: aunty meet my younger sister Esther

Victoria: what? 

Victoria yelled, she was surprised to hear that from me and so her mother too.

AuntyDora: you mean your parent had another child? 

She lower her gaze on Esther for awhile and nod, satisfied on her observation.

AuntyDora : how old is she? 

Esther: i’m 13 aunty

AuntyDora: but you look 17, so that mean i now have a niece after three nephews.

Vickky: welcome Esty babe

Esther smile and giggle on the way victoria act, we chat, ate and play some games with Victoria.

When we were set to leave, i told my aunty that were leaving

AuntyDora: Vick! Vickky!

Vickky: yes mummy

She ran out from the kitchen with two bags, stretch one to me and the other to Esther who scream in excitement on checking the content of the bag.

AuntyDora: get me my handbag

Victoria disappear into the hallway heading to the staircase, she came back after one minute, my aunty gave me some N1000 nomination in about ten pieces and gave Esther same too

Me/Esther: thank you aunty

AuntyDora: you’re welcome my children.

Me; aunty i need a favour from you!

She gave me a puzzle look then nod her head for me to go on.

Me: I’ll be living Nigeria on monday, please i want victoria to play a role of a big sister to Esther as I’m going to be away because sometime the house becomes boring.

Vicky: oh that? With all pleasure dear baby Esty.

AuntyDora: hope you heard it from the horse mouth?

We burst into laughter, Victoria drove us home on her mother’s toyota camry.

Me: i didn’t know you can drive,

Vicky: as you can see i can drive

Esther: will you teach me?

i and victoria exchange glance before laughing out loud.

Esther: sister Vicky don’t be like my brother ooo.

This time around i laugh harder which earn me a harmless punch from her.

Vicky drop us at home, after exchanging pleasantries with grandma and our mom she drove home, i went to my room to sleep but sleep didn’t appear, i just lay there thinking how my life wil be in London and how I’m going to miss my mum, grandma and Esther, 

As soon as i include her name(Esther) on my mind she came into my room looking depress and gloomy, i stood up and hug her, before i knew she started crying, i felt bad for seeing my only sister cry Right in My arm, i can still remember when i was in secondary school, anytime i heard my sister is been beaten by any student I’ll go give the senior or any student a warning or i report to the school authority, i succeeded in calming her.

Esther: so big bro, you going to leave me all alone here?

She said in a teary voice, i draw her close to me 

Me: please Esther don’t do this I’m not going to be dead, I’m just going there to study when I’m done with studies I’ll be back to you, mum and grandma okay?

She nodd and i started stroking her hair till she fell a sleep, i lay her on my bed and watch her sleep “i wish i could take her with me” i said to myself before sleeping off too.

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Everybody in our house woke up early, while mum and Martha was preparing breakfast, me and Esther were preparing same with grandma,
We were set to leave for Sunday service, we walk to the road and board a three bikes to church (me&my sister on one, while grandma was on the other one then mum and Martha took the third one)

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After church services

We came home, mum and Martha went to the kitchen to prepare lunch, grandma went to her room to do only God knows what!.

Esther after taking her clothes of she went to help out in the kitchen while i sat in the sitting room to watch TV,
In the evening aunty Margaret came with Treasure and Kelvin her children, the house became more lively.

Me: look who we have here, aunty good afternoon 

i said referring to kelvin and Treasure,

AuntyMaggie: Jerry how’re you? 

Me: aunty I’m fine

Kelvin: big boy how e dey be naw

Me: Bobo i just dey o, you know me na, man alone.

He laughed at my dry joke, treasure kept a straight face.

Me: hey aunty Tee what is it with straight face?

Kelvin chuckle and i smiled, Esther came out of the kitchen and started screaming on seeing Treasure and Kelvin.

Tee: see the person i want to see here.
We all laugh out loud, she hugged Esther and they left to kitchen to joined the cooking.

Kelvin: no mind those kids

i chuckle 

Me: kids indeed, how is school?

Kelvin: stressful oh, eh, i heard you’ll be traveling to London for school? 

i adjust on the couch sitting comfortably 

Me: yeah bro, i won a scholarship scheme to study abroad.

Kelvin: I’m happy for you, when are you leaving? 

Me: tomorrow morning 

Kelvin: so soon? i mean no time to arrange somethings.

Me: nopes it’s not too soon, it happened two months ago and the date was fix for tomorrow 

He nodded and smile taking my hand in a handshake,

Kelvin: now i know why Treasure is mad at you.

We laughed hard

Tee: it’s funny that i’m mad at you for not telling me you won a scholarship to study abroad? 

Me: not like that okay, I’m sorry

Esther: sister Tee he is sorry 

We laughed again this time Treasure join in the laughter, mum and Martha with aunty Maggie set the table, Treasure and Esther went to inform mama

We ate our meal in silence except grandma, my mum and aunty Maggie who kept discussing on relevant and irrelevant topic.

Soon we were done with our meal,  (me, Kelvin, Esther and Treasure) went our to have fun.

They finally left around 7pm not without wishing me safe journey to London, we sat in the sitting room watching a program on TV till it was bed time, we went to our various rooms to answer natures call.