Mother’s Choice Episode 5


After we waited for so long, his sister Esther whisper into my ear,

Esther: maybe he got a girlfriend so he could be with her 

i turn and squeeze her ear she yell “arrgghhh”

My mother gave me a look that depict WHAT HAPPENED? It was obvious she wasn’t looking our way, she was watching NTA news on Television 

The news finished and they start showing a program we watch and forgot about our worries on Jerry, 

Exactly 8:42 he walked in very well and ok, that was when i heave a Sigh of relief

Me: when did you start staying out late

Jerry: c’mmon mum it just few minutes to 9 o’clock 

He replied before my mum chipped in

Mummy: Mary leave that boy, he’s a grown up naw

i kept quiet staring at him still, he sat next to his sister who jumped up screaming, i didn’t know what cause her sudden excitement 

My mother laugh softly while i gave her a puzzle look

Esther: i said it o, Jerry have a girlfriend 

He hit his sister on the head and she groaned, i tried to muffle my laugh,
i ask him if what his sister said is true but i didn’t complete my sentence as i glance at my mother who was smiling 

Mummy: where were you by the way?

Jerry: my aunt’s place

Me: shut up, your aunty came here this evening and she said you didn’t go to her place, which of your aunty again?

Jerry: my father’s sister place

Mummy: which father are you talking about? The one who abandon you and your sister

Me: mummy is ok! Jerry which of your father’s sister?

Jerry: aunty Dorathy 

Immediately i heard him mentioned Dorathy i stood up and stared at him closely, searching his eye for any lie but found none

My mother stood up and made to walk into her room i stop her 

Me: mummy mbok bet kanga ise!

She reluctantly sat down on her previous seating position

Me: Jerry where did you meet Dorathy? 

He hesitate thinking I’ll do something bad to him

Jerry: at Marian a month ago then she gave me her address and ask me to visit her, I’m sorry mum i was bored that’s why i went there to have fun with Victoria

i stared at him closely which he new what that means and he start talking again 

Jerry: Victoria is her daughter who is in the university of Calabar, i smiled within, my mother cleared her throat to gain our attention 

Me: mummy sorry, Dorathy is not my very good friend, we were friends since our school days

Mummy: hmmmmm, let her be o because I don’t want to have anything doing with that family again 

She said and left, leaving me and my children alone in the sitting room,

Me: how is she?

i ask and Jerry chuckled, he narrated everything Dorathy told her for us, i was so happy that she made it through with the love of her life 

Esther: mummy me i’ll like to visit her too

Jerry laugh hard making Esther pissed of, she jump on him and start punching him, i smiled at my children 

Jerry: doesn’t even know you exit 

i burst out laughing too Esther stood and walk towards the bedroom 

Esther: good night mum

She went in, Jerry stoop up too and yawned 

Jerry: goodnight mum

He walked to his room, i watch him close his door and i heave a sigh
i made a mental note to visit Dorathy but i kick against the thought, if she still need me as a friend she should come looking for me, i retire to our room and say my prayers before sleeping off.


After i left the sitting room to the room which i shared with my mum, i was so angry at my brother for making fun of me but he was right afterall, i didn’t hear of such person talkless of hearing that i have another patanal aunt apart from Late aunty Beatrice 

i wanted to meet her but i didn’t know how to go about it, so when mum came into the room i pretend to be asleep, she prayed and slept off

i woke up to see the sun penetrate the room, i yell and ran out with my bathing equipment, it obvious that i’m late for school just because of my brother who pissed me off, i slept late but i forgave him.

My brother doesn’t know i like him and can’t afford to be angry at him for too long, so when i was dress i rush to his room to check up on him.

On getting there, he was still asleep, i smile and made to close the door then i heard a voice, i looked back then i heard him chuckle 

Jerry: kid sis is checking up on elder bro

He laughed and stood up, i tried to maintain a straight face but i end up smiling 

Me: i guess you derived pleasure in pissing me off right?

He laughed hard and i ran to him and I land on his bedroom, i forgot i was late for school.

Jerry: get up dumb head, you’re going to be late for school.

He walk out i followed suit, punching his back while he kept groaning.

Me: are you going to take me to AuntyDora’s place

Jerry: i knew! it about aunty Dora that you came to me, well I’ll take you there before i travel.

i jump on hearing that, i peck him and ran off to school, i heard him chuckle and murmured some words that i didn’t hear him.


i shook my head immediately my sister left, I’m gonna miss her when i travel, i felt bad she’s going to be lonely, i remembered Victoria, she will take care of her, so i plan on taking her to Aunty Dora’s place on Saturday so she could get along with vickky and also personally hand her over to her