Mother’s Choice Episode 4


auntydora: although i wasn’t sure if you were the one,

She smiled at me then stood up to clear the table, i stop her and she smiled again walking to the sitting room while i went and wash and clean the dishes, i return to the sitting room

AuntyDora: i guess you’re in the university now? i shook my head negatively and she rose an eyebrow

Me: i won a scholarship to study abroad, I’ll be leaving in a week time, She smiled and beckon on me to come closer which I did, she hug me and whisper into my ear

AuntyDora: I’m proud of you my dear, which country

Me: London, computer science and technology

AuntyDora: that’s good

We discussed on others things like family issue and non family issue, Victoria came back around 1:30pm, she was so excited to see me, it made me wonder why she acted cool towards me the day we met at Marian road

She took me on a tour around the house which was very big and massive, Victoria ended up telling me her own story although base on her love life, to be sincere i wasn’t interested because i didn’t believe in the word LOVE

By the time she finished i was exhausted and i left happy, i got home around 8:42pm, traffic then in calabar was nothing to write home about, My mum, sister and grandma was sitting in the sitting room maybe waiting for me, immediately i step my foot in, they started questioning me like bombs that i didn’t know which one i should go first,

Mum: when did you start staying out late? i roll my eyes on my mum’s question, it was only 8:42 and it was as if i came in 12AM

Me: c’mmon mum it just few minutes to 9 o’clock

Mama: Mary leave that boy, he’s a grown up boy naw i smile inwardly on my grandmother’s intervention, but she didn’t intervene just like that, she ask her own question

Mama: where were you by the way? i sat down next to Esther who sniff like a cat and scream, jumping like she won a lotto game

Me: Esther what is it that you started jubilating? i ask grandma burst into a soft laughter, mum only gave her a puzzle look

Mum: Esther stop making noise it late

Esther: i said it o, Jerry got a girlfriend

i slap her head, she groaned and stared at my mum who tried not to laugh

Esther: why did you hit me? Is it not true? You smell a nice cologne

i drop to the couch and laugh hard, remembering Victoria who hug me when she came back

Mum: don’t tell me is true or………… Mum trailed off glancing at grandma who was smiling

Mama: you didn’t answer my question Jerry

Me: Ok mama, i went to my aunt’s place

Esther: you see what i said he is lying

She chipped in and ran off to grandma’s side, laughing

Mum: shut up! Your aunty came here this evening and she said you did visit her, so which off your aunty again?

Me: mum my father’s sister Aunt……… i didn’t complete my sentence when grandma interrupted me cutting me off

Mama: which off your father? The one who thrown and abandoned you and your sister?

Mum: mummy is ok, Jerry which of your father’s sister?

Me: Aunty Dorathy! Mum stood up and stared at me closely as if i was saying rubbish, Grandma stood up and made to go to her room but mum stop her

Mum: mummy mbok bet kanga ise! And grandma sat back on her previous seat .

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Mrs Johnson POV

i return from work since 5:23PM but didn’t see Jerry and Esther at home, my mother wasn’t in the sitting room so i made my way to my room which i share with my daughter Esther, i undressed took my towel and went to the bathroom to take my bath, after i was done taking my bath i wore my clothe and walk to my mother’s room

Mummy: oh mary omoyong? (oh mary you’re back)

Me: eh mummy, mbok Esther ye Jerry omokut tonho oyong edi? (yes mummy, please have you seen Esther and Jerry since you came back) She stoop up and walk to the door existing the room, i followed suit

Mummy: Esther went to her lesson, Jerry i didn’t meet him at home when i came back

Me: Ok have you eaten?

Mummy: yes o, Martha cook something i nodded and left for the kitchen, then i heard someone voice, the voice was familiar i finish dishing out my food and walk to the sitting room to meet my elder sister Margaret

Me: hey sister welcome, i smile at her, she came forward and hug me lightly then collect the plate from me and start eating

Mummy: eyen eyen eka fo odu ke nkang fo? (is your nephew at your place?) My sister gave my mother a puzzle look and then turn to me before she reply

Maggie: eh iyoho, nkwe enye oyoho urua ita idaha emi (eh no, it been three weeks i saw him last) i lost apitite instantly, his sister came back

Me: Esther have you seen your brother?

Esther: nopes! She tried to sound in American accent and her aunty laugh

Esther: aunty welcome, how is Treasure and Kelvin?

Maggie: they’re fine

My sister stay for sometime, we gistest although my mind wasn’t there with them, i was praying that Jerry doesn’t get into any trouble because he didn’t have any friends who he goes out to visit except my sister’s place

My sister left some minutes to 7pm and still no sign of Jerry, i became more worried