Mother’s Choice Episode 3


When I got closed to her with a confused facial expression, she smiled widely putting me in a more confused state

Me: goodmorning ma

She came closer to me and hug me tight, i pulled away from her and stared at her like a zombie

Lady: well i know you are wondering why I’m acting like this, She pause to look at me, for a while then she continue

Lady: i don’t know what came over my brother to send his family away, i then nod slidly, it was making sense to me that she is my aunty but i can’t recognize her, she look inside the car and beckon on a girl who i later found out that she’s her daughter

Lady; where is your mother?

Me: she went to work! Aunty please what are you trying to say? Because I’m lost here

Lady: Hmmmm, I’m your father’s second sister Dorathy, i wanted to talk but she shut me up with another word

Aunty Dora: it’s a long story, let’s go to my house at diamond hill

Me: aunty that will be some other time, i was about going to somewhere before you called me

She sigh and ask her daughter whose name is victoria to get her a Pen from the car, she started writing something on the book then tear it and stretch it out to me, i collected it and read

Aunty Dora: that’s my house address find time and visit me okay

Me: okay ma, thanks i have to go now

Aunty Dora: you’re welcome my dear bye

She hop in her car and drove off, i stood still and watch as her car zoom out of sight, i then start walking slowly to my aunty street

On getting to her house she wasn’t at home, i hiss and start my journey back to the main road to take a bus back to the boring house

One Month later

It’s was one full month since i met mrs Dorathy who claim to be my aunty, i was contemplating if I should visit her or forget but the better part of me want me to go while the other side kicked against it, I had one week to leave Nigeria to London every necessary arrangements has been made, my international passport, flight ticket and others things was in place

As usual Monday morning no one was around, i didn’t feel like going to any where but when the boredom was getting out of hand, i took my bath wore my best clothes, i took my wallet which contain only my transport fare to Diamond Hill where Mrs Dorathy lives, i didn’t find it hard locating her apartment on getting there, she welcome me warmingly which made me relax a bit

AuntyDora: wait let me prepare something for you okay!

Me: ha aunty you don’t need to bother, I’m filled up already He pause and shook her head

AuntyDora: one of his father features, doesn’t eat outside

She smile and left to where i thought was kitchen, she spend about 8minute there before she came out

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Me: aunty where is Victoria?

AuntyDora: she left for lectures already

Me: okay

AuntyDora: how is your mother doing? i adjust on the couch and face her properly like a child who want an explanation for a proverb being told by an elderly person

Me: she’s fine

AuntyDora: well i ran away from home when i realize that i was pregnant for my boyfriend then, i knew my family will search for me but i wasn’t ready to face them, i ran to Christopher in Kaduna state where he was serving as a Corp member.

She pause and left to check on the food she wad cooking, she came back 2 minutes later and resume her sitting position

AuntyDora: thank God he didn’t deny the pregnancy or got angry, we stay in his one room apartment although he kept telling people that i’m his sister to save the shame, i never mind, he was done with service in the next 4 months and traveled to Lagos where he had a job, then we moved to Lagos, that’s where i gave birth to Victoria.

She left again to the kitchen to check up on the food again leaving me to my thought, That was why i didn’t get to see or know AuntyDora, i thought to myself

She came back to walk me down to the dining table, i was lost in thought, how come dad didn’t mention her name to us??? i shrugged off the thought and sat down

She dish the food into a plate for me Then she resume her story

Me: did the family knows that you are back? i asked and she shrugged before she reply

AuntyDora: maybe they know maybe they don’t but they knew I’m not dead cause i later showed up when i and Chris got married

I nodded gently and drank a little quantity of water and wipe my mouth

AuntyDora: another feature of my brother in you, he doesn’t eat much

I laugh and she joined in the laughter which didn’t last long and he continue

AuntyDora: when your dad started dating your mother in the university, i like your mother instantly we became friends, i was more than glad when my brother propose marriage to her and got married

She took a deep breath and start eating her food while I kept staring at her

AuntyDora: when i came back and heard that she divorce your mother because of that moron of her childhood friend, i became angry and stop going to his house i cleared my throat to speak for a long time

Me: wait when did you come back to calabar?

AuntyDora: two years now, i tried to locate your mother and you but couldn’t, i still thank God for that day

To be continued