Mother’s Choice Episode 2


On getting to my family house Jerry and Esther ran inside shouting “Grandma’s place” i smile and heave a sigh before walking in Slowly

Mma: i told you i didn’t like that Patrick but you insist in marrying him, nko omokut se okoyomde ndien? “Now you have seen what you wanted?” i didn’t bargain for my mother to even let me stay for one minute instead she was talking to me calmly which put my mind at ease for a while

Me: mummy i don’t know what came over him, but I’m sure he will come back to his normal self any of this days

Mma: taaa!!! Kub inua fo ado, anie edoho fi adoho iko enye oro?

“Shut up that your mouth, who told you?” i kept quiet staring at the floor, i fear my mum even when i got married at the age 25

Mma: go to the kitchen and prepare something thing for those children, Martha went to school

She hiss and stood up from the couch heading inside her bedroom i stood up lazily with tears and walk to the kitchen, i didn’t know what to cook as i was spending most of my time crying my eye out


The year 2006 i was so eager to go home and share the good news with grandma and mum, i just got a scholarship to study Computer science and technology abroad When i paid the taxi man i ran inside screaming

Me: mama! mama!! mama!!!

Mma: Jerry nsitibe? “Jerry what happened?”

Me: mama I’ll be traveling to London to study computer science and technology, mama mme win scholarship

Mma: are you serious

I left mama’s room to my room, change then take my bath and relax, 7pm my mum came back looking exhausted and worn-out when my kid sister heard that mum is back she left her homework and ran into the sitting room

Esther: mummy welcome

Mum: my Princess, How are you?

Esther: I’m fine, mummy Jerry won a scholarship to study abroad

I ran to her in a bide to twist her ear but she new what is coming to her and she ran to grandma’s room

Mum: is your sister saying the truth? Mum smile and sat down on a single couch

Me: yes mummy but she should have allowed me tobtell you myself, i said frowning my face

Mum: is still the same, my prince am so proud of you, i notice that my mummy was shedding tears

Me: what is that? why are you crying?

Mum: it’s nothing dear, come here

she pulled me into a tight hug, i could still hear her sniff softly, she was caressing my head in the process, i said in my mind that I’m going to do anything to make you happy without my father

Mma: Mary when will you stop all this tears? Eh? She walked up to us along with my sister who started sniffing, i only smile at her, she get emotional easily

Mum hug her mother and release the tears she was holding

Esther join her, i couldn’t take it anymore so i left to the backyard to chill out my mind

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After 30minute Martha came to the backyard

Martha: Jerry food is ready and madam dey call you too

Me: Ok tell her I’m coming

Martha: she say make you follow me come naw, naw

Me: Martha mbok ka ke ndi mbo ku fana mmi uboho “Martha please go I’m coming don’t disturb me too much” She left without saying a word again and about 2 minutes i walked inside and met my grandmother and my sister on the dining table, i joined them

Me: Esther where is mummy?

Esther: she is taking her bath, she’ll soon be here or she eat her own later

I only nod and started eating my food slowly and calmly

The next day was boring as i had no place to go, my sister left for school, Martha left with grandma to the shop where she sold women clothes so house was super bore, i remembered where i could go to, Aunty Kate’s place at Marian road

I took my bath, dress up and hit the road At Marian road When i alight from the taxi, i heard someone call my name, since the voice wasn’t familiar i kept moving maybe someone else bear my name

Walk for a while then someone tap me from behind, that was when i turn to face a guy about my age

Me: hey

Guy: someone over there was calling you, He said pointing at a Lady who stood next to a car (toyata camry) i nod my head and started walking slowly towards the lady, wondering what she wants to ask me, she wasn’t familiar to me