Mother’s Choice Episode 21



Mary’s POV.

i was too afraid to face my dad, Jerry notice it in the car heading home, he use his free hand to squeeze my shoulder smiling at me.

Jerry: it okay babe your dad won’t kill you. He chuckled while i only smile

Me: of course he won’t but the scold is what I’m afraid of.

Jerry: you don’t have to be dear, i nodded, soon we were in our huge sitting room waiting for my parent to come down, few minute dad came down with mum behind her, she was smiling immediately she saw Jerry who stood to have a hand shake with dad.

Jerry: good day ma/sir

Dad: welcome my son.

He sat on his favourite seat which is facing the electronic set.

Mum: Jerry my boy, how is your mum?

Jerry: fine ma, Jerry reply with a smile, mum beckon on one of our maid to come serve us drink.

Dad: Jerry my boy, your father is a very good friend of mine, right from secondary school days, Jerry stop the drink he was taking to his lips half way and gazed at my dad, dad seeing this reaction smile a bit But dad shift his attention to me and glared at me sending shiver down my spine, dad is a man that when he is upset with anyone he won’t say anything but take an action that when you’re out of it, you understand who you are messing with.

Dad: Mary!

Me: yes dad, i replied looking down.

Dad: when did you return from Australia?

Me: ermmm ahmm i mean, ermmm.

Dad: ermm what? Have u suddenly become dumb? i shook my head negatively.

Dad: now answer me. Dad roared.

Jerry: it’s okay sir please forgive her and listen to her explanation, Jerry begged on my behalf, i glance at him.

Mum: yes darling let’s listen to her, My dad shot my mum a glare, Then gesture me to start .

Few minutes later, We were laughing with dad telling us funny stories about his school days.

Dad: well Jerry i’m not against your relationship with my daughter, incase you want to do the needful you have my blessing, i was more than excited, i hug mum and dad.

Mum: Jerry my boy please take care of my Princess.

Jerry: thank you sir, mum she’s me so if i hurt her i’m hurting myself, My dad nodd to Jerry’s word,.

Me: dad, mum you are the best parent ever, Dad chuckled .

Jerry’s POV.

After Mary told her dad her reason she came to Nigeria without his concern, although she lied in some part, we later plead with the man and he let go saying “He want to welcome his daughter in a big way on her arrival” We celebrate in a small way, it was great chatting with the family.

The man gave his approval which was so excited but my exciting moment turn sour when he demand i should go see my father because he’s not in good health.

Jerry: sir please it hard for me besides mum won’t accept such thing.

Mrs Paul: I’ll handled your mum, i bent my head because i felt Pains remembering what dad did to me, my sister and my mum, Mary touch me and whisper into my ear “it’s gonna be fine dear” i nodd in response.

Mr Paul: it ok Jerry, your dad is sorry and also regret his actions.

Mrs Paul: Jerry it’s gonna be fine okay I only nodd and stood up.

Me; I’ll be on my way now, thank you very much.

Mr Paul: welcome my son I hug Mary before I left for home, I kept thinking on how I’ll face my father, what will be his reaction when he sees me(us) I heaved a sigh and increase the speed.

to be continue.