Mother’s Choice Episode 22


i drove in with our Gate keeper waving at me, i alighted frim the car.

Me: Musa how u dey? i greeted the middle age hausa man who was our gateman,

Musa: kaii oka wecum, He grinned making me to smile before i head in to freshen up

>>Same day evening<<

Me: mum we should go see dad, i said making my sister and mum who was watching a program on TV in the sitting room gaze at me like i was a zombie or an unseen object,

Mum: eh??? i only nodd because i didn’t want to repeat myself.

Esther: big bro do u know that you’re sometimes funny?

Me: i’m serious mum.

Mum: the day you step your foot there i disown you.

That word struck me like a lightening, i felt my tears build up but as a guy i held it back, is my dad’s fault why I’m i even crying? i asked myself before i left them to my room, When i got to my room i saw my phone screen light on, i walk slowly to picked it at my reading table only to see three message and fifteen missed calls from “MY ANGEL” which happens to be Mary i hastily called her, she picked after the second beep.

Me: hello.

MA: hi love.

Me: sorry i didn’t take my phone with me when i went down stairs.

MA: it okay i just called to say Hi before going to bed.

Me: i only wish u could sleep beside me tonight.

MA: very soon your wish will be granted, i chuckled and sat on my bed.

MA: how is mum and esthy? She asked making me remember what she said, i kept mute for some seconds.

MA: are you there huni?

Me: yeah I’m here, is just that mum doesn’t want me to see my father, she said if i go she’ll disown me.

MA: okay just obey her, we’ll figure out a way to go about it, the poor woman is hurt.

Me: i know, even me too.

MA: it gonna be fine love.

Me: i hope so my Angel.

We talked about others thing before we decide to call it a day


We were in our sitting room with grandma and aunty Dora present, that Sunday after church service, grandma came in on Saturday when aunty Veronica travelled to Lagos but aunty Dora came in few minutes after we return from church, The house was filled up, i didn’t want to go out as Mary told me that she’s coming with her mum, We heard the door bell, everyone turn to the door, i new who are behind the door, Esthy came and open the door scream and hugged Mary, when they settled down, Esthy offer them wine, while they drink Mary’s mother spoke l.

Mrs Paul: Mary! There’s someone here to see you, My mum stared at her with a little smile hovering around her lips, i just relax as Mary told me everything last night.

Mum: who’s that? And where is she or he? She asked without a clue of who the person is, mrs Paul smiled and type something in her phone, in the next 1minute the door open to reveal a man in his fifties, everyone gasped except Esther who kept staring from the man to me, i stare at him, my body went numb


i nearly jumped out of my skin seeing Patrick standing right in the door way of the sitting room looking pale and sick, he couldn’t move or speak seeing people he didn’t expect to see, i looked from him to my friend Mrs paul, she cleared her throat to ease the tension a bit.

Mrs Paul: Patrick please come in, He slowly walked in with a girl about fourteen years trailed behind him bowing to greet everyone, i kept my gaze steady on them till they lowered their frame on the couch, i should have jumped up yelled at him and send him out but how i saw him remind me of our old times together, i didn’t know when tear drip down my cheek.

Dorothy: Brother! That was when he realized that his sister was present, he looked at her and burst into tears before going on his knee.

to be continue