Mother’s Choice Episode 23 Final


He began speaking

Patrick: i know that i have hurt a lot of people in the past, I’m sorry because I’m paying for my sins, mama? He called my mother who stared at him with blank expression.

Patrick: i don’t deserve forgiveness but just know that i’m truely sorry

Mummy: Patrick you don’t owe me an apology but your children and wife, i shot my mum a glare, “who is his wife?” i thought, he turn to our direction still on his knee.

Patrick: i’m so sorry mary, Jerry i’m sorry, adiaha mummy, I’m sorry He said that to us, i once again remembered our life back then in school and when we got married newly tears start pouring down my eyes why he threw me out of his life like that.

Me: Patrick just get out, i don’t wanna see you ever again, That’s when i notice that the girl was crying silently, when i yelled at him ordering out of the house the girl went on her knee.

Girl: Mummy please forgive my father, he is sorry on what he did to you because of my mother.

Esther rush to her and hugged her kneeling down, i was dumbfounded just like Dorothy and others.

Dorothy: Mary i know you’re hurt because of what you went through alone, forgive him even though you’re not getting back to him again, i went and lift him up and hugged him, it was as if we fell in love over again,

Patrick: she is Jessica my daughter, He look toward the girl who was being cuddled by Mary and Esther.

Me: it’s okay, she is my daughter, i saw his eye glitter in happily.

Patrick: thanks so much, please take care of them for me because i may not make it back alive, i may not make it.

Tears swelled in his eyes that was when Jerry, Esther and Jessica came forward and we hugged as a family.

Jerry: dad why did you say that?

Patrick: i have a kidney failure He were shocked


After my dad said he has kidney disease i was disturbed, i sat on the couch with everyone still present

Dad: I’ll be traveling to London for the surgery in a week and few days.

Jerry: the arrangement?

Dad: oh not to worry my doctor made every arrangement m, He smiled and pat my back.

Jerry: don’t worry dad, you’ll be leaving the country in two days time, He looked at me surprised to hear me say that, i only nodded and stood up to go put a call through to Peter my. Only friend, Before I came down Dorothy and Mary’s mum has left leaving my grandmother and my dad who were talking as before when i was a kid, i heard sounds in the kitchen, i knew mum was there so i walked to the kitchen, there was my mother and her choice of wife(Mary) for me, i smiled and walk to them.

Mum: Jerry my son.

me: mummy I’m so happy for your decision in forgiving my dad, i pecked mary who smiled.

Mum: i stll love him Jerry, i and mary laugh.

Me: where is Esther and……..? i tried to remember but Mary reminded me.

Mary: Jessica.

Mum: she took Jessica out oh.

We gist and laugh till dinner was ready

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Finally it was my wedding eve/mum’s Hotel Lunching, it’s was a day worth Memorizing, everyone was glittering with smile.

Peter who i choose to be my best man arrived Nigeria with my dad a week earlier, kelvin my cousin came with his fiance, Treasure and Victoria was not left out. The party finally came to an end with Mary going home with mum, Esther, Jessica, Treasure and Victoria, me on the other hand went with Peter and Kelvin to the governor’s suite in my mum’s hotel to prepare ahead of the D-day


Finally the day i was waiting for came where I’ll be getting married to the love of my life, Jerry, i woke up very early took a shower and sat on my bed waiting to click 7am for the makeup artist to start her work,

Esther, Treasure, Jessica and Victoria came in smiling.

Esther: did you even sleep at all May.

Treasure: chill babe you’re so tense.

Victoria: inlaw relaxed no body won’t take Jerry away from you. They burst out laughing, i couldn’t help but join them in laughing , The makeup artist came in a minute pass 7, i was kind of annoyed with her lateness


i kept glancing at the entrance anticipating her arrival, Peter who sat behind notice it and whisper in my ear

“calm down bro they’re in the church auditorium now” i whisper back to him

“how did you know?” He didn’t reply instead i saw people with their phones taking pictures, the next i saw was my wife coming with her wedding gown looking like a goddess, i stared at her mouth ajar till she got to where i stood and smiled at me, the pastor asked us to step forward, We smiled at each other, the pastor began

Pastor: brother Jeremiah Johnson do you accept sister Mary Jude as your wife? To love and cherish her till death do you apart?

Me: i do.

Pastor: sister Mary Jude do you accept brother Jeremiah as your husband, to love, obey and respect him till death do you apart?

Mary: i do.

She smiled at me then we put on our rings followed by kissing my love and others things, i didn’t pay attention to, We went to the reception after taking numerous pictures with family and friends.

Finally we were in our hotel room, she took her bath first followed by me then layed on the bed i draw close to her and kiss her which she reciprocate and soon we were nake doing, i keep on romancing till when i wanted to penetrate, that’s when i knew she was still a virgin, i wanted to stop but she urge me to continue.

We had a wonderful sex before we slept off, i woke up to the sound of my ringing phone i picked without checking the caller.

Caller: Jerry you guys have miss your flight, i jump up, that’s when i knew Peter was the caller, i forgot we were leaving for Paris for our honeymoon, We rush our bath and got down, nearly all the family members where present, they accompanied me to the airport, We climbed the stair to the plane, i turen turn to see Esther resting her head on peter’s shoulder with his right hand around her waist, i smiled and gave him a thumbs-up,

Soon the plane left Nigeria to Paris, i remince on my life how everything went, how mum choose my choice of woman for me at the same woman i smiled looking at Mary’s direction and notice she was smiling too.

The end .

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