Morning Dose Of Inspiration #35 Hard Work


People want your lifestyle but they don’t want the hard work, sweat and tears it takes to build that life. It doesn’t just drop on your lap from heaven above. If you want to live like a king or a queen you better be willing to work for it.

Nothing is given to anyone Ever. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice now, you won’t have your dream life tomorrow.

Your tomorrow depends on your actions today

As we start this month, honour shall be your portion. Your wounds are healed, you shall not end the day in bitterness. Every wall of failure erected against you since January shall fall down flat today, the cloud of sorrow around you and your home is cleared away. Curses of unfruitfulness shall not reign over you again

Today, your breakthroughs are starting without delay in Jesus name Amen.

Your dreams are worth the hustle.
God bless our hustle