“I’m Obinim” Season 3 – Episode 8


I didn’t know what to think, does this actually mean that my dad was alive all this while and Jojo decided to lie to me?

“Are you alright? Didi asked.

I had forgotten she was still there, I was so confused that I didn’t notice the things around me. I didn’t even notice her. You can’t blame me for that, can you? You are made to believe that your father is dead and the next thing was he’s alive after all.

But if it’s really true that my father is alive, what will Jojo even gain by lying to me? I don’t even get it.

“Obi, what happened, what did your sister say” Didi kept asking.

“I really don’t know what Is going on Didi, from all indications and from what she  said, it’s appears that my father is still alive” I answered.

She was as shocked as I am. “But who told you he was dead in the first place” She asked.

“Hmm, It’s this same Jojo guy, Didi” I answered.

“You mean, the same Jojo guy my sister is involved with? She asked.

“Yeah” I answered.

“And you actually believed him” She questioned .

“Who will even lie about someone’s death in the first place” I said.

“Well Jojo did. Did she tell where they are” She asked again.

“yeah, apparently at the military hospital.” I answered.

“What are we waiting for then, will drive you there.” She said.

I really didn’t expect that from her though.

“And I suppose Jojo is likely to be there right” She asked again.

“Yeah I’m very sure” I answered.

I get it now, from the way she asked the question I knew she was up to something. She was up against Jojo and would do anything in her power to confront him face to face.

We hurried of to the hospital car park where her car was packed. I didn’t forget the rough riding she took me through on our way to the hospital. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t ready to go through another one.

“Erm, you realized that this is not an emergency right” I asked.

“I don’t get you” She said.

“Maybe you should take it slow on the wheels” I said.

She really laughed at me when I said that. I couldn’t believe for once that Didi could ease up like this.

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“You are not a man after all Obi” She said and immediately drove off.

On our way I kept thinking of how Jojo would go to the extent of lying to me about my own father’s death. As much as we hate each other very much, I can’t do that to him. Death is something serious that we wouldn’t want to wish on someone we truly love.
Didi all of sudden started engaging me in a very uncomfortable conversation.

“So tell me, what’s your relationship with you and my sister” She asked.

How was I suppose to answer this question. I was not in the right position to tell her that her sister and I are even dating. If anything Efua should be the right person to answer this question.

“Erm I don’t think I’m in the best position to answer this question Didi” I said.

I thought she was going to burst out and yell at me in the car, but my guess was actually wrong, she was saving it for someone, someone who really deserves it thus Jojo.

“Are we not friends, look I see the way you look at her, it’s not just any look. I know you have some feelings for her” She said.

First of all, she created a comfortable atmosphere for me to think that we were actually friends. I could tell she was really finding me trust worthy person to talk to.

“Well…We just started seeing each other” I said.

“I see” That was all what she said. She looked at me in a very weird way that really got me scared.

In no time, we got to the hospital. We parked at the car park and head straight towards the OPD. Luckily for us, we met Shela right as soon as we got there. She hurriedly came towards me and hugged me. She really missed me and my presence.

That was not the reaction I was even expecting. I thought she was rather going to be cold towards me for not being there for her and Dad.

“The Doctor is attending to Dad now, we will be able to see him as soon as he is done” She said as if she knew what I was coming to ask her.

So my Dad is alive after all. How could Jojo be so wicked?

“My apologies, I’m Shela his sister and you “ Shela began introducing herself without even waiting.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Didi” She said.

“Oh there is my husband coming” She said. That was Jojo coming towards us. Didi stretched out her hand as soon as Jojo came.

“You must be Jojo, I’m very eager to meet you” She said with a smiling face. I was really surprise about her reaction.
“Yeah I am Jojo and may I know who you are please” Jojo asked.

“Your Worse nightmare” She said with a complete switch of her facial expression. I could see the panic on Jojo’s face when she said that.

To be continued.