Morning Dose Of Inspiration #2 Are You Broken Hearted?



  We all want or sometimes wish for a fairytale romance but sometimes the person we think loves us gives us so much heartache and eventually or maybe shatters us into pieces.
  Have u been with him or her for 3,4,5 years and you thought it was definitely leading to marriage and then out of the blue, He/She says Its Over!!!. Did your partner cheat on you? Did he physically and emotionally abuse you? Have you been lied to so much that it seems like you’ve lost trust in people?
  Sometimes we get so broken hearted that we think life has nothing else to offer and we feel suicidal,we cry our eyes out,we keep to our self and even sometimes we become emotionally unbalanced.
  Have you also ever thought that the person you are killing yourself is a creature like you,a mere mortal and so why are you so broken hearted when the Supreme Being loves you unconditionally and accepts you for who you are. Think of it this way, the person you are killing yourself over is someone’s child and if you kill yourself today because of him or her, it would be worthless because he/she parents will be enjoying the success of their child whilst your parents are mourning you.
God is The Greatest Love and no one can beat that. Love yourself and don’t let someone’s child ruin you or make you feel less than you are.
  Good morning Pobs-tarians.