In today’s episode,

Pablo goes again to speak with Crescencio but he tells him that he is ready to marry Ana Perla off to his godson but Pablo refuses to let him do that because he has asked Mariana to come and explain things to them that they broke up. Before he could end his speech, Mariana enters to add more soar to injury by stating that, she and Pablo are getting married soon and she swears that she is going to make the whole community know the kind of tramp Ana Perla is for stealing her man from her. She tries picking a fight with Ana but Raymunda and the others prevented her and Ana Perla becomes devastated as well as her family.

Manuel and Julio then push them out in furiousness to the river bank to leave their community but Pablo still insists on talking with Ana Perla before leaving. Manuel feeling so angry, pulls out his gun to finish Pablo and Julio tries to prevent him from doing so.  Accidentally Manuel pulls the trigger and bullet caught up with Pablo’s right arm but still not feeling any remorse, Manuel insists on killing him but Pablo jumps on him to take the gun from him and unfortunately out of this self defense, Manuel ends up being shot and all of a sudden Perla arrives and both she and Julio blame Pablo for killing Manuel since at that moment he looked very helpless. Julio then runs to get Botel to check on Manuel.   


Claudia and Pier Dussage arrive in Cancun and they meet Emiliano and Virginia and both parties introduce themselves to each part as lovers and they grow so happy. Claudia tells Virginia that her worry with Pier is he refuses to get married since whenever she brings up the topic Pier seizes to say a thing about it but only wants her to be his lover and Virginia advises her not to raise any marriage issue in their conversation again but take time because it will come as a dream.  

Martin decides to give Virginia’s necklace back to her since he feels it belongs to her as Veronica claims ownership of Virginia’s own. He wishes to do this to forget about his revenge so he can have a better life and happy marriage with Veronica.

Magdalena wishes to have the DNA test so she can finally disclose to Veronica that she is actually her daughter so as decided between her and Botel, it is for her to get a string of Veronica’s hair so they can do the test so Magdalene goes to see Veronica at the hotel and pleads with her to allow her comb her hair and Veronica accepts.


Matilde arrives just at the point Magdalena starts to comb Veronica’s hair and since her agenda it to get a string of her hair, Magdalena pulls Veronica’s hair hard with the comb and Veronica becomes hurt and after spilling it out though laughing to tell her, Matilde grows furious and questions Magdalena that she is never going allow her to treat her girl like that but Veronica appeals to Matilde to stop it cause its normal but she tells Veronica that she doesn’t see it as normal because after so many experiences in life she could tell that people do things on purpose therefore Magdalene has to explain why she pulled Veronica’s hair and Magdalene becomes nervous.  Magdalena then admits the fact and she tells Veronica that she actually did it on purpose since she needed to do something (DNA) that will prove that she is really her daughter and both Matilde and Veronica remained speechless. But Veronica feels much resentment towards her mum that she tells Magdalene not to tell her that because if not all the love she has for her will diminish so she hates her mum for abandoning her to her wicked father. Veronica then tries kicking her out but Matilde asks her to speak to her and after accepting, she accuses Magdalena of so many things as we already know and Magdalene tries reminding Veronica of the trauma she’s been thought to look for her daughter but there was nothing she says that will change the mind of Veronica.

Martin enters after Magdalena left and she tells everything to martin and he tells her that Magdalene is a good person and can’t just leave or abandon her daughter like that therefore he counsels Veronica to give her a chance to explain but Veronica thinks he’s on her side but Martin still insists to get away all the pain Veronica has in her heart though he can’t force her.

Botel arrives and within a second Crescencio and others also join and Crescencio pleads with Botel to save his Grandson. Botel then suggests that they take him to a hospital in Mexico and Crescencio accepts.

Pablo after being taking to the hospital by Mariana after he almost collapsed since the bullet drained most of his blood, the doctor confirms that he can no longer paint with his hands again because it’s being brutally damaged by the bullet and Pablo feels that his world has crashed down.   


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